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Comet Crash (PSN)

David Yun (PSN Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (PSN Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2009-04-21 15:38:28

Comet Crash (PSN) - Rank B, YFKM Award

Developer: Pelfast
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Date: 4/2/09

What is with all the tower defense games on PlayStation Network? It's not a genre, damnit, it's the same game over and over. I cringed, thinking we didn't need a third iteration (including PixelJunk Monsters and Savage Moon) on the same console, especially when PixelJunk Monsters did such a competent job of it. Nevertheless, Comet Crash made me reconsider. It implements a new twist that I begrudgingly acknowledge does justify its existence. Comet Crash is also a "tower offense" game.

For those of you unfamiliar with "tower defense" games, they're quite simple in concept. A steady steam of enemies head toward your base, and you are required to erect gun towers to dispatch them before they reach their target. Tactical placement can cause the enemy hordes to meander through maze-like paths, giving your towers additional opportunities to gun them down. They feel somewhat like plumbing games involving connecting pipes, in this regard. Aside from that basic premise, you generally need to manage the resources that allow you to build and upgrade your various defenses. Think of tower defense as a stripped down real time strategy game where you don't actually control anything. And you only defend.

Well, Comet Crash changes that with the stunningly obvious addition of offense. You can now build barracks which generate offensive units. Once you decide you have a sufficient amount to overwhelm the opposing defenses, you release your own swarm at THEIR base.

This opens the floodgate of multiplayer opportunities. Up to three players can co-op against a well prepared computer player, or four players in a grand melee of tower building and swarm releasing. This (and I can't believe I'm using this word) innovation is game changing, and the sole reason why I'm giving Comet Crash a Rank B.

On the other hand, it also earns a YFKM award. There is no online play. You're Fucking Kidding Me.

Comet Crash is as solid a game as I could expect from tower defense. The controls are good, as are the variety of units and upgrades. Even still, only the addition of offense justifies retreading this very well worn ground. Pelfast has announced that they're working on an update that enables online play. The Rank B is predicated on that promise. When that update goes live, I'd appreciate it if someone let me know so I can remove that YFKM Award, and give Comet Crash a genuine recommendation for anyone interested in tower defense games.

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