Air Gallet

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Air Gallet - Rank B

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ROM Filename: agallet
Developer: Gazelle (offshoot of Toaplan)
Publisher: Banpresto
Date: 1996

Air Gallet isn't amazing by any measure, but it heralds from a fairly respectable heritage. The developer, Gazelle, is an offshoot of Toaplan, the guys of "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" Zero Wing infamy.

If you're not a big fan of top-down shooters, you won't find anything here to convert you. Air Gallet is absolutely generic (the usual blast-up-all-the-little-military-vehicles-until-you-blast-the-big-boss-military-vehicle gameplay), but it does everything reasonably well. The controls are responsive, the art design is attractive with tons of cool animation, and the audio is sufficiently rockin'. It's not particularly memorable, but it is fun.

MAME away, because as far as I know, Air Gallet was only released in Japan.

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