Armored Warriors

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Armored Warriors - Rank A

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ROM Filename: armwar
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Date: 10/24/1994

Armored Warriors is an obscure Capcom "beat-'em-up". They cranked out a slew of these games, typified by Final Fight, wherein you traverse side-scrolling levels and slug it out with hordes of enemies. Armored Warriors is unique and entertaining, and deserves more attention. It distinguishes itself from the crowd by replacing the baseball bats and chains of street brawling with massive robots bristling with furiously high-tech weaponry.

You control one of four different mechs, and thrash your way through seven stages full of robotic conflict, each capped with a thunderous boss fight. What's cool is that there are tons of interchangeable upgrades that you can swap out by seizing them from defeated enemies. Your legs can be replaced by hover boosters, your melee arm can be upgraded to a laser sword, and so on, all of which grant you unique attacks. On top of that, I geeked out when I realized that if you're playing with buddies, you can use a "Team-Up" ability to join together Voltron style for extra kick-assery.

Armored Warriors sports terrific design elements, with great looking well-animated sprites, solid metal-crunching sound, and there's actually a commendable attempt at presenting a story beyond the typical "rescue the kidnapped girl" scenario. The combat is a tad sluggish, but this actually feels about right for the multi-story walking tanks that you're controlling.

The following YouTube video of Armored Warriors was unembeddable, so click this link to see a clip of gameplay.

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