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Asteroids - Rank S

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ROM Filename: asteroid
Developer: Atari Games
Publisher: Atari Games
Date: November 1979

Also available in Atari Anthology (Xbox - compatible with 360, PlayStation 2), Atari: 80 Classic Games In One (PC), and also revamped for download on Xbox Live Arcade

Asteroids is a legend, having massively influenced the very shape of game design. Wow, do I feel like a tool writing that. That's like saying the letter R has been instrumental to the development of literature. I feel stupid even giving it a grade; it's fucking Asteroids after all.

It obviously isn't a masterpiece by modern, or even retro standards, but it somehow fits my criteria for "S Rank" games: "Landmark games that should immediately go in your 'must play' pile."

I was surprised at how playable it still is. I kept clearing screen after screen of floating vector graphics asteroid bits, long after the point I took that screen shot. In fact, I forgot to take screen shots because I got mesmerized by the gameplay and hypnotic bhudt...bhoodt...bhudt...bhoodt "soundtrack".

The fact that I actually played a game from 1979 and mildly enjoyed myself is a testament to its...geez, greatness.

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