Alien vs. Predator

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Alien vs. Predator - Rank S

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ROM Filename: avsp
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Date: 05/20/1994

This is arguably the best of Capcom's side scrolling beat-'em-ups, which immediately places it in the upper echelon of all time greats. You choose from four distinct characters (2 Colonial Marines and 2 Predators) and assault seven huge levels crawling with Aliens and human patsies of the ever-sinister Weyland Corporation.

The controls are responsive and fairly complex for a brawler. There are only three buttons (Jump, Attack, and Gun), but each character has a different moves set, from grappling to combos. Here's a link to a character strategy guide, but in case you're too lazy to read it, DOWN + JUMP is a low attack for all the characters. You'll need it to fight off face huggers. My favorite is to use the Predator Hunter to dish out combos that end with Ryu-style uppercuts ("fireball" motion).

There are a ton of different weapons, from knives to smart guns, and in true beat-'em-up fashion, you'll be taking them from your enemy's cold hands or finding them in the remains of barrels you've busted up. These conventions don't make much sense (what's a pizza doing in a shipping crate and why does it give me health?), but it's simply part of the vocabulary of the genre.

Alien vs. Predator is simply loaded with fantastic design and animation. As arcade games go, even its story, presented through appealing cutscenes, is a winner.

Due to licensing issues, this game has never seen rerelease. This is a total shame, as it would be a monster hit on a platform like Xbox Live Arcade.

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