Armed Police Batrider

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Armed Police Batrider - Rank A

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ROM Filename: batrider
Developer: Eighting/Raizing (offshoot of Toaplan)
Publisher: Eighting/Raizing
Date: 2/13/1998

Armed Police Batrider is one of my favorites. I dig the nonsensical name, the boisterous action, the variety and options, and tight controls. It's a refined late-generation vertically scrolling shooter, with familiar mechanics and robust design. You'll have to blast through up to seven well-designed stages in order to clean up Violent City.

The game was released only in Japan, so you may need some help navigating the initial menu options:

The first set of screens allows you to select the difficulty. If you play on Easy, your bombs will automatically launch if you are struck, so you can't die unless you use up all of them. However, you only have access to three of the levels. You have access to five stages on Normal, and all seven on Hard.

The second set of options determines how you set up your team. The first choice allows you to select a predetermined group (the Police, Psychic, or Criminal teams). The second allows you to mix and match from all nine Batriders. The third randomly selects a team for you.

You've got your usual fire button, and your emergency bomb button, but not pressing anything will also kick up a sort of shield in front of you. A third button allows you to fiddle around with your "options" (the additional power ups that flank your ship).

This game is absolutely riddled with secrets and Easter eggs, including cameos from other excellent Eighting shooters (Battle Garegga and Mahou Daisakusen), and jam packed from top to bottom with terrific shooter action.

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