Battle Garegga

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Battle Garegga - Rank A

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ROM Filename: battleg
Developer: Eighting/Raizing (offshoot of Toaplan)
Publisher: Eighting/Raizing
Date: 4/2/1995

Battle Garegga is another classic Eighting/Raizing top-down shooter. It's got all of the usual greatness of that developer: tight controls, great animation, and ridiculous bullet-maze boss fights.

However, it's controversial because the game gets harder the better you do. I don't mean that it simply ramps up in difficulty, it punishes you for playing well. Hardcore enthusiasts of the game advocate deliberately suiciding in order to prevent being abused like a male model in prison. Supposedly, some ninja managed to beat it on one quarter, but I remain skeptical.

For the casual gamer, this won't be an issue, as Battle Garegga is fairly difficult at its default setting, and deaths are sure to follow.

The video below shows the original version with enemy bullets that, well, look like bullets. These can be fairly tough to pick out at times, and the file I specified above is the European release that features easier to see glowy bullet dots.

The only release Battle Garegga saw outside of the arcades was on the Sega Saturn.

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