Blood Bros.

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Blood Bros. - Rank C

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ROM Filename: bloodbro
Developer: Tad Corporation
Publisher: Fabtek
Date: 1990

For a game that has so little going for it: ugly graphics, shallow mechanics, constrained controls, and repetitive gameplay, Blood Bros. is surprisingly entertaining.

The one stick controls both the crosshairs and the player character (a cowboy or an Indian - they're blood brothers, you see). The character's movement is limited to a horizontal axis, and is employed to dodge enemy fire. The fire button can simply be held down, another button lobs dynamite, and the final is the all-important dodge button.

The enemies consist of a mishmash of Old West cowboys on trains and mine carts, whooping Indians, Confederate(?) soldiers, swooping biplanes, and zeppelins floating on the horizon. For some inexplicable reason, shooting hogs causes them to dispense weapon upgrades, from shotguns to machineguns and dynamite.

That's it. You just blast enough enemies to complete each level, whereupon you're sent to another identical level with slight visual variations. I'm hard pressed to describe why I bothered writing up this game. Maybe it's the stupid dance the character does upon passing a level, or the idiocy of going for bonus points by keeping a tin can aloft in the air. Maybe it's the simple unabashed gameplay that delivers exactly what it promises (even if it doesn't promise much), and an atmosphere that could only have been produced before political correctness lost its mind and ran amok.

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