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Battletoads - Rank B

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ROM Filename: btoads
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Date: 1994

Battletoads was Rare's attempt to replicate the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, only instead of testudinal martial artists named after Renaissance masters, we're offered amphibious street brawlers in space named for skin inflammations.

This particular game is an oddity, in that it's an arcade game inspired by a console franchise, instead of the other way around. Freed from the censorship of Nintendo, the arcade version of Battletoads is distinctly more violent, with splattering blood and decapitations galore, offset by the crass humor and cartoonish visuals. Picture a videogame based on a spinoff of "Itchy & Scratchy".

Aside from this dubious strength, Battletoads is a fairly solid side scrolling beat-'em-up. Like its console predecessors, it's excruciatingly difficult, but you can simply "insert more quarters" here. The gameplay becomes quickly repetitive, but the animations brim with (juvenile) personality, and a couple of alternate levels mix up the action. One involves zipping around on a jetpack, and the other has you shooting Contra-style. Ultimately, there's something to be said about a game where you can literally kick enemies in the ass.

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