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Start Here!

We begin our journey by exploring arcade games. There was a time when arcade cabinets were more technologically advanced than home consoles, and taking a trip with a pocket full of quarters was the only way to enjoy the most compelling videogames. Before the age of the internet, arcades were also the only way to connect socially with large numbers of other videogamers.

You will need to download MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), specifically MAMEUI (previously MAME32) which features a convenient graphics user interface. I suggest grabbing it here (you'll most likely want the 32 bit version), as that site allows you to avoid the hassles of registering. Next, you'll need the actual ROMs of the games. I won't tell you where to get them, but anyone with rudimentary Google skills shouldn't have much trouble. Once again, Direman Press condemns piracy, and I'll be listing legitimate means of owning the games.

You can play with the keyboard, but you'll want a decent joystick. I strongly recommend the Xbox 360 controller, which Windows XP or Vista will recognize with minimal hassle. If you want to use the wireless version, you'll need this extra dongle. It's easily my favorite controller, and just about perfect except for the d-pad. Even that can be remedied with a bit of sandpaper. You don't really need to disassemble your controller to do it either; just squeeze that sandpaper in there and shave down the d-pad housing. Alternatively, X-Arcade makes great, but pricey, controllers that really capture the arcade feel.

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