1944: The Loop Master

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1944: The Loop Master - Rank A

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ROM Filename: 1944
Developer: Eighting/Raizing (offshoot of Toaplan)
Publisher: Capcom
Date: 6/20/2000

This is the final entry in Capcom's 194X series, and it goes out with a bang. Apparently, they farmed it out to developers Eighting/Raizing, a name you'll become familiar with if you stick with this column. The game mechanics haven't changed: move with the stick, mash the button to shoot, hold it for a charge shot, and unload a massive attack with your emergency bomb button. I don't quite get the plot, as an American P-38 and a Japanese Zero team up to fight enemies in what seems like the European theatre. Whatever, you don't play top down shooters for their stories.

1944 tends to be peoples' favorite entry in the series, probably because it's fairly modern: lots of eye candy and a generically kickin' rock soundtrack. I still prefer 19XX: The War Against Destiny's design, but 1944 is definitely fun and appealing. It features 15 stages of loud, bombastic action against a nice variety of enemies. The screen is wider than previous games, and the real estate is put to good use to fling massive amounts of hazards at you. It all culminates in a boss fight against a humongous base/tank that's got to be at least 10 times bigger than the screen itself.

MAME appears the only reasonable way to check this game out, as Capcom has yet to rerelease it as of this writing.

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