<i>Spyro the Drug-on</i> leads people to a life of drugs

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-01-12 06:47:20

Spyro the Drug-on leads people to a life of drugs

There's something subliminal going on in Spyro the Dragon. No, I'm not talking about 'new Spyro' in Skylanders, or that dramatic one voiced by Elijah Wood. I mean actual, proper, Insomniac-created Spyro. The adorable little chubster was once part of a great trilogy of games, with Year of the Dragon (PS1) one of my personal childhood favourites. I recently re-downloaded the trilogy onto my Playstation 3 and had a blast with them all over again. I'm also personally involved in a little Spyro project of my own that I'm excited to talk about, when the embargo lifts.

In the original Spyro, the song that plays on the 'Wizard Peak' level is one of the game's musical highlights - it was created by Stewart Copeland of The Police, who designed the entire soundtrack to the game. The song was also infamously used in the main theme and credits of The Amanda Show - in a slightly remixed fashion, but it's undeniably the same song:

Considering what happened to Amanda Bynes after hearing this song repeatedly for three years, is it really that farfetched to suggest that this song leads children into a life of drugs? I have it on good authority that everyone who ever watched The Amanda Show is now a drug addict or dealer, as is anyone who played the original Spyro the Dragon.

Of course, no one knows this nor believes that this psychedelic, trippy track is anything other than a song used twice for different mediums. While politicians and sociologists are keen to blame drug use on poverty, peer pressure and 'party culture', perhaps they should give it a rest with those nerdy things and face up to the facts: that one song, featured in both Spyro the Dragon and The Amanda Show, has corrupted children for decades.

Perhaps Copeland naively believed people wouldn't figure out that he was injecting the same music into multiple projects? Luckily, budding detectives out there are ensuring that some truths are made public. This is a case-closed situation - the cause of all modern drug-use has now been accounted for.

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