John Myrtle's Top Games of 2013

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John Myrtle's Top Games of 2013

Well, hello everyone. It's me - John Myrtle. I'm a loving father of three who plays lots of wonderful games with my children when I'm not working on my model planes and my Tantra. Sorry I'm a little bit late to the 'year-end' gaming list - I understand that we're already halfway through January 2014. But, if you do care to hear the games I enjoyed in 2013 (and more importantly the games my children enjoyed) then read on happy viewer. God bless you.

I had a wonderful time playing this excellent platform game called Disney's Frozen: Olaf's Quest, based off of the recent Disney film The Frozen Ground with John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. In Olaf's Quest you play as a happy snowman who must reunite with his friends Anna, Elsa, Christopher, Pepper and Ham as they get chased by spooky ghosts through five creepy mansions. It's a great game for more adventurous children who aren't easily scared by cartoon ghosts and offers frantic multiplayer action for 1-4 players.

Another fun silly game I played and enjoyed was Hyper Crazy Climber--Wow, it was so hyper! My eldest, Frank Myrtle, 12, really had fun climbing up the crazy levels and popping the turtles on the head. A highlight for me - it reminded me of my childhood - was Tomba 2: Return of the Evil Swine that really got me squealing like a pig in some of its more difficult sections! This is one for adrenaline junkies!

My middle daughter, Jennifer Lawrence Myrtle, 9, enjoyed Ape Escape, where you control a silly monkey in a ball who must escape a large maze without falling off the side. She also had a great time playing Abe's Mission and would recommend it to everyone - she said she found the collectable animal keeping mini-game 'rewarding and cute' so I trust her opinion on that!

My youngest daughter, Myrtle, 6, said she very much enjoyed Bioshock Infinite for its 'idiosyncratic level design, stellar production values and unique blend of cultural appropriation and refined shooting mechanics' since Bioshock 2. She also loved Call of Duty: Ghosts and Dragon's Dogma and The Last of Us, the last of which she said was possibly the best game she has played in the 5 years she has been playing video games.

I wouldn't pay Myrtle's opinions much heed - she is only an infant, after all, and so I understand that many of the games she has chosen may be childish and not at all fun to anyone in adulthood. But I would recommend giving Frank Myrtle and Jennifer Lawrence Myrtle's games a go - I really enjoyed all of them.

This is John Myrtle and the Myrtle brood wishing you a Happy New Year. God bless you all!

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