<i>Excitebike U</i> looks amazing

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-01-17 11:44:35

Excitebike U looks amazing

For all the video game doom-and-gloom-journalism closely juxtaposed with Nintendo at the moment, it's sometimes difficult to remember that the company is still putting out tremendous video games. Sure, some people have been keeping an eye on Mario Kart 8 and the new Super Smash Bros. game, but there are a plethora of other quality games brandishing the 'Nintendo' name at the moment that are well-worth keeping an eye on.

One such game is Excitebike U, a brand new game in the eponymous series that marks a change from its predecessors in that it is from a first-person perspective. The first thing you notice about the game outside of the perspective shift, however, is how good it looks. Seriously. When Nintendo said that the Wii U had the potential to make some beautiful video games, a lot of people scoffed. You see a game like Excitebike U and you get a glimpse into just how pretty the Wii U can be.

Best of all, it's a Wii U exclusive, and part of a growing roster of games that are unique to Nintendo's home console. I'm not a particularly sporty person, but even I'm tempted to pick this one up, just to see how it runs on a big screen. From what I've seen the animation is almost life-like. It's amazing, in a way, that the understated Wii U is putting out a game (and not even one of its biggest titles) that looks better than anything I've seen from the competition.

Even if the game itself isn't great, I don't think that anyone will fault Excitebike U's visuals when it eventually lands, and, in a way, that's the most important thing. The game doesn't need to be good - that it looks good will quieten naysayers complaining about the Wii U and will show them that, in actuality, the Wii U is capable of running beautiful games. The next time you see someone doubting that the Wii U can run attractive games that match the PS4 and Xbox One, link them to this article - if they deny that Excitebike U looks amazing, they're lying.

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