<i>Sonic Boom</i> Could Be Great Product Placement

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Sonic Boom Could Be Great Product Placement

With the announcement from Sega that Sonic Boom will be the final Wii U/3DS exclusive Sonic game, at least as part of this particular triple entente, it's nice to see that they're really pushing the boat out on this one. Not only is Sonic Boom going to be a game, but it's also going to be a TV series consisting of 52 11-minute episodes throughout 2014/15. It'll be airing on Cartoon Network and accompanying it will be some tailored merchandise for the new branch of the Sonic universe.

This redesigned Sonic will hopefully breathe new life into the series - the gameplay trailer shown so far actually looks high-quality and more in-line with something like Ratchet & Clank than a modern Sonic game (you won't see me complaining about that). While pretty graphics can be used at times to mask poor gameplay, I hope that the game accompanying the TV series will actually be good - I'd really like for this one to be the best 3D Sonic game ever (which wouldn't be hard, considering that Sonic has always struggled in 3D environments).

The greatest reason for why I want this to be a success is because of what it could mean for the Wii U and Nintendo's relationship with Sega. A game alone won't shift consoles into the hands of children - a game based on a TV show on a popular TV channel might, especially given the quality of the other cartoons currently on said channel (coughAdventureTimecough). If the cartoon is good - or even if it's crappy but gets the kids buzzing - then I could definitely see this shifting a few Wii Us. It would be so interesting if the game that 'saved' the Wii U was a Sega game - how far things have come since 'the old days'.

I really hope that Nintendo capitalises on this game/TV series by running Wii U adverts in time with the show advertising the hell out of it and the game. It would be so simple, at least at a surface level, to market this correctly - here's hoping that Nintendo is ready to back up this great potential publicity with their own complementary campaign. I'd like to see more kids playing Wii Us, and there's little more effective than a colourful cartoon to capture the attention of youngsters. I encourage Nintendo to make the most of Sonic Boom and really advertise their system off the back of this - the potential is staggering.

Watch the gameplay trailer below:

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