This Soundtrack is Absolutely Shrektacular!

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-02-09 06:38:13

This Soundtrack is Absolutely Shrektacular!

When you think of great video game soundtracks you might come up with composers such as Nobuo Uematsu, Jeremy Soule or Austin Wintory, to name but a few. These individuals have made wonderful music that has captivated audiences across the world - they have a timeless appeal and will be remembered as masters in their respective field.

But spare a thought, if you will, for the people who create soundtracks to games that you've probably never played before or even heard of. They won't go down in history or be written about in the great stories. Take a listen to the soundtrack to Shrek: Ogres & Dronkeys below:

I don't know which 'All-Star' composed this soundtrack. I Google it and come up short. Maybe it was some work experience kid at Dreamworks one day; or perhaps it was a washed-up Country musician trying to buy a burger through busking. In a way, I'm scared to know the true identity of this person.

But the sad thing is that when listening to this music, you wouldn't give the compogre a second thought, despite the fact that a lot of effort clearly went into its creation. Why don't we ever write about the awesome people who make immortal tracks such as 'Startup Music', 'Playpen' or 'Game Ogre'?

We are neglecting a rich tapestry of gaming musicians right now, and for what? So that we can continue to ogrelook the unknown fresh-blood music compogres and their many layers of sound. Get off your high horse for a moment and consider the feelings of, for example, the compogre of Shrek: Ogres & Dronkeys. This person probably doesn't even register on your radar, you selfish jerk.

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