<i>Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze</i> Review

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review

Oh boy!

It's Donkey Kong like you've never seen him before in Tropical Freeze, the new cool-island video game on the Wii U that is sure to melt your cold heart with its homely warmth.

In this one, you get to play as Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong (above), Dixie Kong and Old Man Kong as you make your way through levels with stunning realism. Most of the development effort in this game went into making Donkey Kong look real. From the gameplay image above you can see that Retro was completely and utterly successful in realising this lofty ambition. Donkey Kong looks incredible in Tropical Freeze and life-like - a result, no doubt of Satoru Iwata's persistent insistence that the team make Donkey Kong look real so that children would want to pet him.

While playing the game I was suitably enamored by Donkey Kong's fur. In fact, I spent most of my time playing the game dying, simply because I kept getting distracted by how fuzzy and life-like it is. I can't honestly tell you if the level design or platforming sections are good in Tropical Freeze because of this bewilderment - I can only confirm that Donkey Kong is incredibly furry throughout the adventure.

I like to know that when I buy a video game, special effort has been made to make the game realistic. That's why I play video games, after all - to pull me out of reality into, uh...'Simian'-ated reality. With that said, Tropical Freeze is possibly the best game ever made - no other game has featured an ape with quite as much detail on its fur.

Oh, and the music, composed by veteran David Wise, is amazing:

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