Mother's Day 2014

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Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day in the UK falls on the last Sunday of March every year and is a very special occasion. For one day of the year, and one day only, everyone comes together to spend time with something incredibly important to them - and something that cannot be replaced.

On Mother's Day, everyone gets together to play the Mother series of video games - either through fan-patches or ports of the great series.

I remember my first Mother's Day - the family sat together in our pajamas in the lounge drinking hot chocolate and cracking jokes throughout the morning. We inserted a cart of Earthbound that we imported from the United States into our SNES and spent the morning chilling with Ness and his buddies in Eagleland, causing a ruckus around Twoson and giggling the whole way through.

Then we got the desire to play Mother 3 and went straight for our Japanese Game Boy Advance. We played that game for a few more hours until we had a late lunch consisting of rice and chicken. Then we headed back out but found the battery was running low on the GBA. It was okay, though - we whipped out our Famicom and played through the original Mother until evening came around and we said goodnight to the younger siblings who needed to go to bed - Lando, Marissa, Carl and Baby Croc.

The older members of the family continued to play the game until midnight, when Mother's Day officially ended. We looked back on the day feeling as if we had achieved something - an entire day of playing Mother is the greatest thing a person can do with their time.

So, this Mother's Day, I wish you all the very best of times - enjoy playing the beloved gaming series and spending just this one day celebrating all the things you love about your carts.

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