Nintendo on your smart device

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-04-02 14:22:25

Nintendo on your smart device

Know what would be a really smart idea?

If Nintendo started putting their games onto smart phones.

At least, that's what every other backseat non-stockholder article I read seems to suggest, as if the people making the claim know how to inject Nintendo with a thick wodge of cash.

Well, their prayers have been answered, because Google's Pokemon-based April Fool's actually did put Nintendo onto the smartphone. And you know what? The world didn't collapse. Nintendo didn't lose any sales. The brand wasn't diluted by being used in a fun Google-based excursion. People are still buying the 3DS console Pokemon is currently native to. It's almost as if having complementary experiences - not even necessarily gameplay ones - on the smartphone can work well with existing Nintendo software and hardware in a beneficial way.

With 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' also having its time in the spotlight over the last couple of months, it's interesting to see how a durable franchise like Pokemon can co-exist with the Nintendo-exclusive games while being featured elsewhere. If anything, Twitch may have made a few more people look at X and Y who may not have otherwise been interested in the games - and Google's recent prank may have done the same, showing how Pokemon can be entertaining without needing to appear on Nintendo-branded kit. It would be nice if we could see more of these outside-the-box ventures designed to funnel people towards Nintendo's proprietary gear.

I definitely don't advocate Nintendo putting all their games on smart devices, but I think it would be pretty smart if they utilised the power of their IP to get their franchises across to more people. Pokemon isn't the only series that could benefit from this.

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