Donate to the 'Blight' Kickstarter Campaign

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-04-09 16:05:04

Donate to the 'Blight' Kickstarter Campaign

Welcome to my Kickstarter pitch for a game tentatively titled 'Blight'. No, I haven't got any footage to show you of it and I think you're rude to expect any until you've donated. My word is my bond, and you should take what I say as truth when I tell you that this game will be amazing and a return to the old-school survival horror games of old. Are we clear? Good. Let's begin.

My name is Hanson Beckersfield and I'm looking to raise $560,000 for a zombie apocalypse game set in the world of Ho...nar. The game will feature a lot of cool things, such as real-time events, night and day cycles, dynamic weather effects...uh...and lots of gritty moral choices.

Will you play the chivalrous post-nuclear hero, or the mutant offspring of darkness spawned from the radiation of this devilish world? Hodar is a big world with at least seven different huge cities inside of it, each bigger than the last. You'll be able to join factions - The Avengers, The Saints, The Feast and The Dorks - and do shit like climb walls, murder survivors of the apocalypse, loot dungeons and break into houses.

I hope that vague paragraph whets your appetite. Hopefully at some point we'll have a bit of concept art for you, too! But less about the game. Let's talk more about me, Hanson Beckersfield, the celebrity gaming face behind this Kickstarter campaign. I've made a lot of great games in the past: Deathly Jizzcake...Mission to Atlanta...Myrtle Myrtle in Space...With Horseshoes. You trust me because I made these little indie games on iOS that were ported to the 3DS and the Vista. I'm funny because in my pitch videos I tend to use quick editing like the kids in the Youtube videos. What do they call it? The 'Vine' effect? Yeah.

I deserve your $560,000 because you enjoyed playing my other games for 5 minutes and now think I'm capable of making a AAA-competing game on a shoestring budget. In no way does this game have 'disaster' written all over it and I can assure you that even though I have no publisher I am incredibly knowledgeable about how to manage the budget of a video game and will not - I repeat, not - end up spending most of the money on non-essentials. In fact, Hanson Beckersfield pledges to only buy three new cars from the money he makes in this campaign.

So whether you have a little to give - $500, in which case your name will appear in the credits, maybe - or a lot -$10,000, in which case you'll receive a copy of the game, possibly - please donate to the 'Blight' Kickstarter campaign and join millions of other adventurers in the zombie-based world of Hokar!

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