Every Dog Has His Day

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Every Dog Has His Day

It's only sensible that the upcoming DLC pack for Call of the Duty: Ghosts gives the dog, Riley, a voice-over track. One thing always missing from CoD was the ability to speak with an animal companion, in the way that Disney characters often communicate with their animal buddies. When the game released, players across the globe joined together to complain about the inability to have meaningful conversations with their pets; after all, a pet simulation game is why people play CoD in the first place.

Gerard Kubrick Johnson-Meyer from Infinity Ward said the following:

"We saw an amazingly positive response from the public when we announced Riley, the best thing to happen to the Call of Duty franchise since we had the idea to feature five or six explosions within twenty seconds of gameplay. We wanted to do more with this character, but we weren't entirely sure how to do so without creating some sort of Frankenstein faux pas.

"Then it hit us - what if we could give Riley a real voice? We worked with dog trainers who assured us that, with the right technology, dogs could voice their thoughts and feelings in real life, almost like Dug in Pixar's 'Up' and the other canines in that film who can talk through technology. We used a lot of money to cultivate this technology and applied it to the game - so now, with this new DLC pack that costs $2.99 in the US and the equivalent of $14.99 in the UK, you'll actually be able to hear Riley speak while you play the game.

"This is just one of many ways in which Call of Duty is remaining relevant in a post-Titanfall world. There have been accusations recently that Call of Duty is 'old news' or that the genre is becoming tired and is in need of a drastic makeover. I do not agree with this assertion: if it ain't broken, why fix it; and if it is broken, why bother fixing it anyway?

"We are confident that the Riley Voice-over DLC will revolutionise Call of Duty for many players who may have exhausted the single player campaign of the game. Ghosts is a dramatic reinvention of the Call of Duty formula and giving Riley, everyone's favourite video game dog, a vital speaking part is a testament to this."

The new DLC will allow players to hear such hilarious catchphrases from Riley as, 'Hold on, man, there's a scorpion in the Kinder Egg', 'You better check yourself before you Shrek yourself' and 'Forget about danger - I ain't got time for that shit' during regular gameplay and co-operative play.

The Riley Voice-Over DLC will be available 22 April on Xbox, Xbox Original, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One Eighty and Ouya.

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