<i>Tales of Golden Sun</i>

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Tales of Golden Sun

Here's a crossover that would never happen but would be absolutely awesome.

I have no idea who the creator of this concept is, but some talented individual has pondered upon what it would be like to merge the Golden Sun games with a Tales of battle system - and the result is really cool. The above image, featuring Ivan, Felix, Isaac and Piers from the wonderful Camelot series, is a faithful fusion of both titles and gets me excited for what other potential pair-ups there could be in video gaming.

Not only has the battle system of Golden Sun been depicted in this way, but the creator(s?) has also envisioned how Mystic Arte cut-ins would look in the style, a whole host of which can be found on this Gamefaqs topic.

Nevertheless, while Golden Sun would be fun to play around with if it had a dynamic combat system like the above, in a way I'm glad it doesn't - the series is a staple of its genre and offers some of the most satisfying turn-based roleplaying action around.

Golden Sun is a really impressive game, as can be seen in my short write-up of it in September of last year, and the recent re-release of it on the Wii U Virtual Console alongside Kirby and Mario games suggests that Nintendo, quite rightly, values it quite highly. If you haven't played this game before, I'd suggest picking it up on the Wii U - the music in particular sounds wonderful coming out of proper speakers.

If you're hankering for a retro experience, though, by all means pick up the first two games on the GBA - and the DS title as well, if you're tempted - and get cracking.

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