<i>Majesty Dragon and the Truth Trolls</i>

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-04-24 16:15:47

Majesty Dragon and the Truth Trolls

As part of what I do, I import a lot of rare games, many of which come from Japan. If you've never given it much thought, you'd be amazed to see just how many games get released in Japan that never come out elsewhere. While Japanese gamers dine on these games for breakfast, lunch and dinner, most pass under the radar of Western gamers, surfacing only when brave people import these games and start writing about them with their limited ability to understand Japanese.

Occasionally I get sent a game of such sheer wonder that I can't help but write about it - and the latest game to fit this bill is Majesty Dragon and the Truth Trolls. The game never came out in NTSC or PAL territories in any way, shape or form. No semblance of this title has ever made it across the pond until now - Googling this game in English yields no search results, proving this fact. If you think you recognise the little mascot on the front you're just kidding yourself - this is a never before seen game, and yes, I have played it.

So what is Majesty Dragon and the Truth Trolls? In short, it's a game where you play as a handsome dragon called Majesty who travels with a rabbit, a fairy and a cheetah to defeat an evil dragonfly who leads an army of monsters. The dragonfly has kidnapped the Truth Trolls - the guardian creatures who keep the world safe - and darkness has flooded into the land. Your mission is to save the Truth Trolls and restore balance to the world.

The game is an action platformer where you navigate isometric areas and complete missions for animal citizens - all the while building up Majesty and his friend's strength with level-ups. The game features a large host of levels and plays pretty nicely, although I got stuck on the sixth stage - I never managed to work out how to leap over this particularly large gap, so if anyone has any information about how to beat the Mama & Papa Temple stage I'd appreciate the help (after all, there is no strategy guide for this game in existence, as far as I can see).

It's interesting knowing that Japanese gamers are treated to a host of games we can only imagine in our wildest dreams. Majesty Dragon and the Truth Trolls isn't a game that would ever come out in a Western territory, and that's okay - it's a curiosity that eager consumers can seek out if they're enterprising enough. I don't regret the time I spent with the game, even though I couldn't understand the script. Majesty himself lost none of his personality despite the language barrier, and I'm just bummed out that I couldn't bring justice to the evil dragonfly due to me getting stuck. I encourage people to import more Japanese games from reputable websites and sellers - you might pick up a gem!

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