A heart-felt letter to Nintendo

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A heart-felt letter to Nintendo

A heart-felt letter from a child to Nintendo:

"My name is Myrtle Myrtle. I am aged 7 and I love Nintendo games. My daddy and my brothers all love Nintendo too. They grew up with Nintendo and have fond memories of it. I am a spring chicken to the games the company makes but as a kid I can say with confidence that Nintendo consoles feel like a safe and fun place - and the software is without a doubt better quality than the kid-friendly software on other major systems.

I am writing today to request that you hold your ground on this Tomodachi Life 'Nintendo says no to gay gamers' bad PR that is currently wafting through the sewers of gaming journalism. Don't cave into the vicious talons of the crow-like journalists who are eager to wipe your face in the mud for an issue that they don't really understand or genuinely care about. You're being asked to modify the code of a game that has already been released. You are taking a chance releasing a niche title such as Tomodachi Life in Western territories and you're receiving threats. I just hope that this doesn't sway your opinion on releasing these games in the West - I hope you don't view it as too much of a hassle now.

I sympathise with gamers of all walks of life, but I feel as if this entire situation has been treated shamefully by journalists who are, once again, eager to uppercut Nintendo in the jaw. Progressive Western ideals don't necessarily translate to every country in the same way as they do in the United States, and people should earnestly understand that not every decision is a calculated attack. I have seen your company accused of spreading hate and vitriol against homosexuals with your executive decision regarding Tomodachi Life, but I see no hate coming from Nintendo - only pragmatic business-like decisions that any company would make. When Tomodachi Life was first unveiled everyone loved it - it went viral as a demonstration of how quirky and entertaining Nintendo can be. Things quickly soured, primarily due to Tumblr White Knights vomiting out their agendas in every direction on any given platform they can climb up on, as they so often do.

But please, Nintendo, don't feel as if all Western gamers are out to get you. I support equality but I think this Miiquality campaign is very damaging to genuine equal rights issues - and serves to make those who support it look ignorant by not assessing how many variables are involved in a game such as Tomodachi Life. If people want to campaign, they should campaign that the next instalment in the series allows for homosexual couples to have the same in-game treatment as heterosexual couples; not attack an existing game for lacking this content.

Very few games allow for equal representation - I wasn't able to play as an African American in Pokemon until my sixth birthday. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the games, and neither do I think that Nintendo was deliberately excluding non-Caucasians before this. I want to enjoy my games and put gentle pressure on companies to make progressive decisions - I think that the anger and resentment coming from a few people as part of this Miiquality campaign is ultimately going to backfire."

Poor, innocent Myrtle - she knows not what she says. Please forgive this mindless child.

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