I'mma Gonna Win-a!

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-05-29 06:22:30

I'mma Gonna Win-a!

Mario Kart 8 is almost upon us and lots of people are understandably excited. But no one is more excited than Mario himself, who has used the game in order to snatch a cheeky Mercedes-Benz for free.

But don't be jealous - there's a good chance you'll also be able to claim a free vehicle in the future as part of an upcoming free DLC pack made in collaboration between Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz. The pack will allow players to race around in a realistic looking car - a far cry from the zany transport available in the game under normal means. The trailer can be found below.

That there's free DLC in Mario Kart 8 is cool, but this news is special for two reasons: firstly because it shows that Nintendo is willing to work with big multi-national companies to advertise its games, which can only be a good thing; and secondly because it suggests that the developers are not opposed to the notion of DLC for the game. This could work out well, considering the 32 tracks in the game will eventually become familiar to players - adding a few more in as DLC would be a great way of increasing the longevity of the title.

There haven't yet been many games released on the Wii U that can be played on a lengthy loop and the system's online offerings are at the time of writing slim. Mario Kart 8 is a game that will get people dusting off their systems and playing - and not just for a week, but potentially for months to come. While this deal doesn't confirm that there will be additional tracks available for the game in the future, it does suggest that Nintendo is really putting their best foot forward with promoting Mario Kart 8; and if a market exists for DLC, I really hope Nintendo chooses to embrace it.

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