New character Sticks revealed as dating option in <i>Sonic Boom</i>

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New character Sticks revealed as dating option in Sonic Boom

A new character has been announced for the hotly anticipated upcoming dating sim game Sonic Boom on the Wii U and 3DS. The character is called Sticks and she has a truly original design. According to the press release issued by developer Big Red Button alongside the reveal of the character:

"Sticks is like no other character ever seen in the Sonic universe. She's a fast-talking badass who knows there's more than one way to skin a cheetah. During the game players will be able to date Sticks on Lobster Island; there you'll find her burrow and several opportunities to spend time with her. Enterprising players will find you can sleep with Sticks after five dates, although most players will find that it takes as many as twelve to get her into the sack.

"Upon getting to that stage with her, though, players will find Sticks to be an erotic force to be reckoned with. Her attractiveness stems from her active desire to roll around in the mud and get down and dirty. We are sure players will enjoy taking the time to get to know this fascinating character."

I spoke to a Sonic fan, Tom Burlap, 14, who said:

"Sticks is super hot, hrnnnn...! That tail; that butt! I can't wait to play Sonic Boom and burrow into her burrow. Her design is the best I've ever seen from a Sonic game. Bring on its release - I'll be waiting to show Sticks some of my tricks...with my dick...s."

Some gameplay of Sticks in action on the Wii U can be seen at the top of this page. Below is full official artwork of the character. Go get her boys:

 photo Sticks3_zpsd5bb8de9.png

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