Dustin Longford Hates Steam Summer Sales

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-06-30 07:23:05

Dustin Longford Hates Steam Summer Sales

"Hi everyone, it's me - Dustin Longford. I'm a Steam developer and I'm here to tell you that the millions of you out there who purchase games during the Steam Summer Sale are a bunch of ingrates. Seriously - if any of you people reading this have bought a game off of Steam at 75% discount, I want you to pick up a sharp weapon right now, press it against your jugular, and pierce your skin until you bleed to death.

"Why am I so angry, I hear you ask? Because while you consumers are picking up your games on the cheap, guess who suffers because of it? That's right - us. Developers. Developers of the games you're buying. You people have caught on to how much cheaper games are during the Steam Summer Sale and now you refuse to buy them unless they're on offer. $15 for a game? Fuck that, right? Wait until it costs $5 and pick it up then. After all, a game isn't worth $15 to you, is it? A game I sunk three or four years of my life into making isn't worth $15. No, you need to get it for $5, because you're so hard done by, aren't you?

"Steam is pro-consumer but anti-developer. I lose so much money during the Steam Summer Sale. It devalues my game and makes me feel lame. You people sit around consuming and consuming - devouring more and more games, digesting them for ten minutes and then shitting them out and moving onto the next one. You leave a husk behind. Games used to be something you people valued - they used to be things you cherished. Physical products that you viewed as a personal belonging - you would stuff cartridges into your bag and clutch them tight on holidays. But everything is so damn easy to discard now - video gaming has become a casual digital passtime where games are booted up and clicked out of in a matter of minutes.

"None of you care about video games. Anyone who buys exclusively during Steam Summer Sales doesn't give the tiniest shit about the people who made those games. Your digital age has taken something from you - and it's something you'll never get back. Fuck, I'm so furious right now. Fuck...FUCK! I'm so angry! I'm so-!

"...Oh, look at that. I ran out of steam."

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