<i>Majora's Mask</i> Remake

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Majora's Mask Remake

At long last, the prayers of players around the world have been answered and Nintendo is bringing Majora's Mask to the 3DS in a brand spanking new remake - one that pushes the boundaries of the system in fresh new ways and adds loads of new features.

Features like being able to stare upwards using the 3DS's motion sensing gyroscope capabilities and see how close the moon is to crashing into Termina without relying on a clock. Or how about blowing into the microphone while in tall grass to cause rupees to fly everywhere? This new game, while a remake, adds a lot to the original formula - including three new dungeons and several new side-quests, including a new trading game that results in Link receiving a new mask at the end: the Midna Mask.

The game has been improved in several key ways. Not only have the graphics been upscaled massively for the new hardware but some of the more controversial aspects of the original have also been toyed with (for the better). The perpetual time limit in the game can be turned off for people who want a more relaxed journey - although this is optional and the timer still exists for players who want the extra challenge. The world is also less broken up into smaller areas than before, reducing loading times and meaning that fields and towns link up without the need for breaks in the gameplay.

A collection of other goodies await diligent players - and if you have saved data for Ocarina of Time 3D on your system, you'll unlock a 'hidden extra' in Majora's Mask 3D, although the development team are currently remaining tight lipped on this. There is also Miiverse compatibility with the game and a fun cuckoo-based minigame is said to have specially trailored Miiverse integration.

Exciting stuff!

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