Till the Cows Come Home

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-08-19 06:35:34

Till the Cows Come Home

"Working with a team of three other people, I have developed a new video game. However, I cryptically refuse to reveal anything about this game, only that it exists, and that I am holding it back until sales of the Wii U console pick up. If they don't pick up, I will be forced to abandon the project entirely - even though the game is 100% finished.

Now you may call me a Doubting Thomas. After all, you could argue that sales of the Wii U system will never pick up until more games are released, and that I should take the fall in potential sales now so that in the future I will make more on upcoming software. If enough games release on the system, more people will buy it, and therefore there will be more of a market to pitch games to, right? And, as a developer, should I not make it my mission to get my software to the consumer, irrespective of how many sales I'm likely to get in return? Isn't gaming about making games with genuine passion, rather than a black-and-white business model with profit as the key driver?

No. If you think that for one second then you're living in a dream world, Neo. Video games are a business and I would be an idiot to release a game on the Wii U - a console nobody is buying. There are 7 million of those things on the market and no more - this means there are only 7 million gamers in the world who give a shit about Nintendo. Rather than making a great video game that people want to play, ensuring a high attachment rate from consumers, as is the case with Mario Kart 8, I'll instead release lazy ports and sub-standard games and then wonder why nobody buys them. It doesn't even register with me that games can sell well on the system, as has been proven - my game won't, because I lack confidence as a developer of my own games.

So that is why I will hold back this game until 100 million Wii Us are on the market. Then, and only then, will I release the game, as then I might receive a 1% attachment rate - which I would be very proud of. Until that time, Nintendo and its doomed Wii U are not laying a single deluded finger on my super secret title."

- Signed, Mr U. B. Softzenberg.

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