Games Worth Buying a Console For

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2014-09-06 05:44:04

Games Worth Buying a Console For

'Next-gen' has been one giant disappointment so far. I don't recall this level of gamer cynicism during the start of the last console generation, even when the Playstation 3 was launched at $599 and everyone thought Sony had shot themselves in the foot. The gaming landscape has changed a lot since back then, and one of the main reasons for this seems to be the quality, or lack thereof, of the 'next-gen' software we are currently receiving on the latest gaming systems.

I'm excluding Wii U from this evaluation, not because I feel it isn't 'next-gen', but simply because Nintendo is doing its own thing right now, has virtually no third-party support and is actually putting out software that wouldn't run on the tired old Wii. The Xbox One and PS4, while technically more powerful systems than the Wii U, have done very little so far to justify their existence. So many games are coming out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as their 'next-gen' counterparts that it feels like there's little point in investing in a new system at the moment, unless you're doing it to play remastered versions of 2012/13 games with slightly bumped up visuals. I've never considered myself a graphics whore, so for me there is little to excite me about the software line-up I'm currently seeing.

It wasn't always like this - I remember when software drove console sales and people would buy systems for single games. For me, the most prominent I remember is the GameCube - I bought that little box of fun for Wind Waker alone. That one game was enough to make me part with my kid-earned cash and I never looked back. I also recall buying a Playstation 1 for Spyro the Dragon and a Playstation 2 for Grand Theft Auto III. I even bought a Wii for Twilight Princess.

For the first time in my console-interested life, I'm considering buying 'next-gen' systems not because of any games that are currently out, or even any games that are on the immediate horizon, but simply so that I can prepare for when something that interests me is announced. I know I'm going to buy a PS4 eventually, but when I buy it I'm sure it's going to gather dust for the first year or so of its life because there's nothing I actually want to play on it. The games will come, but not for some time - the Wii U is prime evidence of this, as all of its big and exciting games (Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, New Zelda, Starfox) are pitching at a 2015 launch, which is several years after the console hit the shelves. Gaming is still great, but the system-sellers of yore are simply not there right now. We're buying consoles because of our faith in the company behind them, not because of the software we're actually seeing.

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