<i>Harry Potter and the Wand of Villainy</i>

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Harry Potter and the Wand of Villainy

Ron: Harry no, please don't do this...

Harry: I am sorry Ron but you said it yourself: you have to 'practice what you preach'

Ron: But Scabby never meant for Chew to die! It was an accident! He didn't know he was suffering from Bubonic plague!

Harry: Enough with the excuses, Ron. Look around you - you think anyone cares about you?

Ron: Blubbers!!!

Harry: Exactly, no one gives one tiny little shit about you, Ronald! Other students are getting on with their day, as if you don't even exist.

Ron: Harry don't do it! Don't cast the spell!

Harry: I'll cast the spell for I am mighty. Argyle Existarto!

Ron: No Harry, you are ceasing me from existing. I feel my body fading. Why? WHY?

Harry: I was supposed to end up with Hermit you fool. You took her for your own.

Ron: I will give her back Harry I swear! I am too orange!

Harry: Nothing can save you now, Ron. You are at my mercy. I will murder you here on the steps of Hogwart and on the grass.

Ron: Harry you heathen, you are not a nice boy!

Harry: Let me introduce you to the true cupboard under the stairs: Hell!

Ron: Ahhh! Harry, Harry no! I do not like this. No!!

Harry: Bwahahaha Destructio Imperitus!

Ron: AHHH AHHH!! AHH!!! Hula.

Harry: Good Ron is dead. Do not mess with me. You are next, Cedick!!!!

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