<i>Call of Duty: Ghosts</i> is a sexy, original game

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-11-10 07:33:17

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a sexy, original game

I spoke with a die-hard Call of Duty fan who goes by the screen-name of L_A_N_O_I_S U_L_E_D about accusations made against the series. When I asked him what he thinks about the annual release of Call of Duty games potentially damaging their originality, he disagreed. He replied that it doesn't matter if a game comes out every year, as CoD is constantly shifting things up, and each game plays 'with a dramatic difference in atmosphere, mechanics and overall mission objectives'.

I showed him the following video, which illustrates that the games are perhaps too similar to each other after all, and asked for his opinion on it:

He gave the following response:

"Well, see, that's an allusion to Modern Warfare 2, innit? It's a clever throwback to the previous games in the series. It was a smart move for sure - an Easter Egg. This was definitely deliberate and the developers were in no way being lazy. There was a reason for doing this, for sure. Don't try and tell me that a game with such a high budget shouldn't be 'recycling' cutscenes - there is nothing recycled here, only intentional references to previous games. It's okay, but, as I say, it's a reference; a tribute.

"Alright, fine. This might be a bit of copy-paste, but that's okay. It's absolutely fine - don't sweat it. I mean, games copy-paste cutscenes all the time. I'll think of another game that does it in a minute. Whatever - I don't care. It would be wrong to boycott an entire video game over only one scene. If you look beyond this and play some more of the campaign - which is massive by the way - then you'll see that they don't copy-paste again. This was a one-off.

"Okay, look. Using the same cutscene once does not in any way count as evidence of games being exactly the same. Give the developers a break, jeez. It can be difficult sometimes to come up with original ideas. Sometimes you do the same thing twice without realizing it - that's just part of being human. Also, think about it - a war setting is hard to bring variety to. War is basically the same shit day-in, day-out, repeated ad nauseum. Yeah, that's it! The game is deliberately repeating itself now in order to satirize the monotony of war! Man, Infinity Ward are geniuses. I never even realized until now how original they are.

"God, I love Call of Duty. If you'll excuse me, I must be going...I have a hot date tonight with Ghosts and, if I'm not being presumptuous, I have a feeling I'll be getting some sticky action, if you know what I mean."

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