Playstation 4-Play

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Playstation 4-Play

The announcement of Sony's new Playstation 4 application, PS4-Play, couldn't come at a better time. Many gamers are unsure on which console to get at this early stage: both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have their own strengths and weaknesses, making the consumer's decision a difficult one.

Perhaps PS4-Play will be the game-changer here, as, at least in theory, the technology behind the concept is intelligent and could change the gaming landscape in dramatic ways. The idea of PS4-Play is to use the rumoured Sony-developed virtual reality headset - similar to the Oculus Rift - to interact with games in different ways. The application will download straight to the Playstation 4's central HUD and can be accessed using the home button on the Dualshock 4. Compatible games will have a small, unintrusive icon appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen if they support PS4-Play. If they do, a simple tap of the button will put the gamer into a particular scene in the game in new and exciting ways that make the most out of VR technology.

The example given was by Atlas, who harnessed the engine used to create their Q-bertian dating game Catherine to show how the concept will work. The demonstration showed a heated moment between a guy and a plucky young anime girl, where the player had the option to try out PS4-Play - at the press of a button the player is thrust into the game in new ways, and is able to lean towards the girl and kiss her on the cheek.

It's disorientating and is unlikely to be used for full games, but for individual scenes in certain atmospheric titles it could work well. Imagine if you could play a game like The Walking Dead and actually hold Clementine's hand in a particularly emotional scene using VR technology. David Cage's mind is probably working at 300% capacity coming up with potential ideas for this new tech.

Obviously, Playstation 4-Play is in its early stages, and so it will likely take a good few years before the tech is available to the average consumer. However, the sheer potential is staggering - no longer will sex scenes in games be awkward affairs; now you'll be able to thrust and caress in real-time, especially when watching PornHub, which liberally supports the Playstation 4, all thanks to good old PS4-Play. The future is here.

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