Mr. Entitled Gamer Gets Mad at Cancer

Alex Phillimore Alex Phillimore: (alex.phillimore-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2013-12-09 15:59:42

Mr. Entitled Gamer Gets Mad at Cancer

When is charity not charity?

When EA is involved, apparently. From their Humble Origin Bundle - which offered games like Dead Space 3 and Mirror's Edge on a pay-what-you-want scheme - they raised $10.5m, $1.65m of which they recently donated to the American Cancer Society.

That's $1.65 million dollars to help in the fight against cancer. 100% of money raised goes to an assortment of charities - others include: the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, San Francisco AIDS Foundation and American Red Cross - with EA standing to make little, if no, profit whatsoever. Perhaps they did it because their higher-ups wanted to do something nice; perhaps they wished to show their commitment to shedding off their undeserved image as 'worst company in America' (a completely bullshit title). Whatever their reason, it's a damn good thing that EA raised this money for charity, and the people involved should be proud of themselves. Those who donated should feel warm and fuzzy inside, as should those who praised EA for doing a good deed.

But of course, Mr. Entitled Gamer isn't happy with EA. Mr. Entitled Gamer feels that EA's sins are far too great to forgive them for donating a middling few million to charitable organisations. On message boards, Mr. Entitled Gamer made comments such as:

"This doesn't make sense - EA is a cancer, but they give money to help find a cure?

"Still not impressed. EA can do better.

"They don't do this out of love, they do this out of self-image promotion.

"Dear EA, I still hate you, no matter what.

"They really are desperate for good media coverage. You really think these money greedy bunch of nobodies give a crap about people suffering in the world, yeah I thought not.

"aaand 1 green point for EA. too bad they got like 1000 red ones just recently.

"Personally, it peeves me when billionaires and billion dollar companies raise money for a charity and don't match the money that is raised.

"trying to fool the public that their nice guys when really their a bunch of greedy pricks..."

The list goes on, and it's quite appalling to see it happening before your eyes when surfing these boards. It would be too optimistic to expect every gamer to be mature and rational, but it's depressing to see that money going towards a good cause is being completely overlooked by people with a vested interest in bashing EA. I find it terribly cynical and in poor taste to ignore the important factor here - that a charity drive successfully raised $10m+ for charity from generous gamers and a company at the heart of it all acting as the facilitator. Sometimes we have to look at the positives - we can't be cynical assholes forever.

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