Nintendo invades Xbox One Conference

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Nintendo invades Xbox One Conference

I was at an Xbox One conference in Birmingham last weekend meeting with promotional members of the Microsoft family and testing out the system. I got into a few good conversations with fairly objective presenters who described to me the merits and flaws of the Xbox One, and how they themselves will be picking up the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One over the coming months.

The event was interesting - I played some Forza, some Ryse: Son of Rome, some Dead Rising 3, some Crimson Dragon and a few other bits and pieces I'm not at liberty to divulge. However, as informative as the event was - I appreciated the opportunity to engage with some journos and Xbox promoters - I couldn't anticipate what happened next.

In what could only be considered a calculated attack, most likely brought on by jealousy, Nintendo had cruelly arranged to sabotage the Xbox One event by sending in their favourite balloon-bending plumber: Mario. That's right - a man dressed up as Mario, who was part of a nearby Nintendo conference, came waltzing over to us with a bucket begging for money. On closer inspection the bucket appeared to be for some sort of Wii U fund, designed to make the system a more attractive prospect.

 photo Forza1_zps50654def.png

News flash, Mario!

I'm at an Xbox One event. I'm here to experience the amazing next-gen games that Microsoft brought to the table at launch. I don't care about your little marketing campaign for Super Mario 3D World. That's not next-gen - my Playstation 3 could run that game on auto-pilot.

So I snapped a photo of the Italian Stallion and ushered him back to his tent, lamenting that Nintendo would resort to such underhanded tactics as attacking the Xbox One stand simply to make their system look less antiquated. After a while he went back to making balloon animals - Donkey Kong, Kirby, Captain Falcon. All games that Nintendo continuously rehash. God, get a new IP, Nintendo.

I returned to the Xbox One stand and picked up Dead Rising 3 again. Pretty good game. I mean, the frame rate kept stumbling, but that's to be expected, right? At least it looks pretty. As does Forza 5. For a minute while playing I thought it looked a lot like a 360 game, but I guess that was just me being silly. What was next? Oh yeah, Ryse: Son of Rome. That was a great film - the acting was astonishing and I hope the lead wins an Oscar.

That Nintendo would dare be as unoriginal as they were to invade the Xbox One stand is a testament to how original Microsoft is. I've never played anything remotely like Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3. They're just such unique games. Lots of personality; loads of new ideas. I particularly love the one about the microtransactions - those are really cool. I like paying sixty bucks on top of my sixty bucks. Jeez, Nintendo - get with the times. You don't offer microtransactions? You don't region-lock your console? You don't lock DLC on disks through pay walls? You aren't pay-to-win? You don't feel that every game needs an online multiplayer mode shoehorned in?

What is this, the fucking 90s?

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