Unused Script from <i>The Walking Dead: Season 2</i>

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Unused Script from The Walking Dead: Season 2

During the development of a video game, things might change - better ideas might form and scenes may be cut due to time constraints. One such scene exists in All That Remains, the first episode of the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead video game.

This scene was initially going to take place at the very beginning, when Clementine goes into a separate bathroom to Omid and Christa. The dialogue was to be heard in a muffled form when Clementine enters the bathroom, showing Omid and Christa continuing their conversation from outside while Clementine gets cleaned up. The choice was made to ultimately mute the dialogue, despite it apparently being recorded by the voice actor/actress for Omid and Christa, suggesting that it remained in the game late into development. Perhaps Telltale thought it would create more tension if you couldn't hear reassuring voices on the other side of the wall?

The following is the dialogue that was initially supposed to play while you're getting cleaned up in the bathroom at the beginning of All That Remains:


Omid: So uh...why are we in the men's room?

Christa: I don't want her seeing this.

O: She's going to have to learn sometime.

C: Omid, it's up to us to protect that girl. If we don't, who will?

O: Yeah, I know. It's funny to think we'll have two kids with us soon.

C: Three, counting you.

O: Funny. You know, I bet I could start getting Clem interested in the civil war.

C: Keep dreaming. You can't even get me interested in it.

O: She's got to take after me in some way!

C: Omid . . .

O: . . . Yeah, right.


O: Jeez, when are you going to stop reminding me of what happened in Barstow?

C: When you stop goofing off. You need to be more serious. If not for her sake then . . .

O: Little Genevive?

C: We're not calling her Genevive.

O: Ah-ha! So you admit it: it's going to be a girl?

C: If it is, we're not naming her Genevive, or Christa.

O: But if it's a boy we can call him Omid?

C: . . . Just shut up and get in here.


O: . . . Easy does it.

C: Shh!

O: Sorry! Maybe we should . . . go to the other side of the room?

C: There's nowhere to sit there.

O: Then maybe . . .

C: It'll be fine. Relax.

O: I'm relaxed! Well . . . as relaxed as I can be through all of this . . .

C: Just shut up and start will you? We don't have long.

O: I'm just going to check on Clem first, ok? I'll be right back. Scout's honor.


 photo Christa1_zps127020dc.png

What could these scenes mean? The line breaks seem to denote when the dialogue stops, most likely in accordance with Clem's actions. As a guess, the first scene plays when you first enter the bathroom as Clementine; the second plays when Clementine is at the sink after opening the three cubicle doors; and the third is when hiding in the cubicle when Michelle enters the room and starts going through Clementine's bag.

It's interesting that Telltale removed the dialogue from the scene. As suggested earlier, I imagine this was likely due to the fact that having Omid and Christa talking next door would result in a scene that felt a lot more comforting. While the third scene clearly sets up Omid entering the girl's bathroom to check on Clementine, the preceding dialogue makes a few interesting insinuations. While none of it sheds light on anything particularly new or revelatory, it does suggest that Omid and Christa view Clementine as something of a daughter figure, and that Omid had the intention of teaching her American history. It's a valuable tidbit of extra information, as it fleshes out Omid and Christa just that little bit more before the writers chose to remove them.

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