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Hello and Welcome...

...to the first installment of *takes a deep breath* "Direman Press Presents: Squishy Comics' Arturo in Internet Spelunking with Squishy Comics' Arturo", a title which I do not see myself repeating in its entirety any time soon.

What is the purpose of this column you may ask? Is it a blatant attempt to pad the Direman starting line-up and engorge the author's coffers? Nay, I say! Is it then to be a podium from which I shall torment and annoy my enemies while blanketing myself in the title of journalist? ...Occasionally, but not so much... What it is, is a chronicle of the little free time I have in between handling business matters for Squishy Comics and hatching far-fetched plans for county-wide domination involving such things as cornering the shower squeegee market while modifying Wikipedia to spread rumours concerning the existence of mythical beasts.

Like many of my fellow cubicle-crawlers (of which I am sure many in the audience are), I fill my fleeting minutes of leisure like any other person with internet access would: pr0n. I mean, I go sleazing around the intertubes for anything that might give me that little crumb of humor which pushes the needle of judgment that grades my day from Drudgery to Bearable to, dare I hope, Good? The amusement I find is what I wish to share with you.

Not that I'm going to be sharing everything I find in my travels, as I'm sure that most corporate computer-use policies would frown on lesbian nun/farm animal porn, even with an NSFW tag. What does go up will include topics such as human interest, real world oddities, toy announcements, general cool stuff, and anything geeky. Sometimes highbrow, sometimes lowbrow, sometimes even unibrow:

As my opening volley in this war on boredom and conventional thought, I offer you the following nugget to sate your hunger for the non-mundane. Please Enjoy!

BONUS! Coming to you via the Internet Movie Database, I bring you a link to a gallery of Monica Bellucci pictures, because anyone's day could use more Monica Bellucci!

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