Getting (Re)Capped

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Getting (Re)Capped

Greetings Spelunkers. Today is one of those glorious days where we take a break from exploring the nether regions of the Internet. Today we'll pause to review the last few weeks of the column. How did these stories develop? Were our assumptions totally off base? Did we properly fasten ourselves to a safety line? We may answer one or more of these questions...maybe.

Chess Boxing

Some of you may recognize the image to the right. It's from the article a few weeks back about online chess. I used the picture to convey the stigma of being a chess player in school. I cracked a nerd joke; you laughed. I seethed with barely suppressed rage and simply smiled; they were good times.

As it turns out, there's more to the shot than I originally thought. Please watch the following video:

The novelty sport of "chess boxing" was envisioned as a melding of two highly demanding disciplines. Physical fitness is as much a key to boxing as mental acuity is to chess. A fighter requires the agility to avoid an attack, as well as the toughness to be able to take a hit. Contestants in both sports will often sacrifice themselves to make headway.

The idea is kind of silly, but it makes sense to a certain degree. On one hand you're enriching yourself in more than one category and broadening your experiences. It's hard enough to just be good at chess or boxing and harder still to have skill in both. On the other hand, this is like spinning your head on a baseball bat before taking on an obstacle course, or taking whiskey shots in between hands of poker. The purpose of the challenge is for the athlete to endure the stresses of completely opposing factors. You have to survive being thrown off balance in order to succeed. It's a bit of an equalizer, really.

You can read more about chess boxing at Yahoo News. A slideshow is available there as well.

Air McFly (Hyperdunk 2015)

Remember the Air McFly? This snazzy footwear made its debut in the second Back to the Future film, alongside such marvels as flying cars and holographic advertising. The "McFly" sported special one size fits all "power lace" technology that self-adjusted to the wearer and came with a clean gray exterior.

Meet the Hyperdunk 2015s. The Hyperdunks aren't /quite/ the Air Mcfly's from the movie. They carry a logo reminiscent of BttF's, but NBC Universal wouldn't agree to let them use the trademark. At least it says "Great Scott!" on the packaging; that's got to count for something. The laces don't tie themselves, but the soles do glow in the dark. Last week at the shoe's premiere, Kobe Bryant showed up in a Delorean to get the crowd going. Kobe stayed for a bit to take pictures and signed several pairs.

The event wasn't that well planned, though. The "bit" Bryant stayed for? It was only 10 minutes, and that was /after/ arriving an hour late. Hundreds of hopeful shoppers lined up hours before to try to get a chance at this shoe. Unfortunately, Nike hadn't anticipated the level of demand. They only made 350 Hyperdunks in all and there were only 100 available at the launch. A raffle was held to try to be fair about distribution, but the majority of people left unhappy. The fact that a sizable percentage of the "kicks" immediately ended up on eBay just added to the burn for attendees who wanted the shoes for themselves. Pairs of these shoes were going for between $1,200 and $2,000 at last glance.

The original McFly 2015 effort continues. The group will keep accumulating signatures in hopes of fulfilling their dream. Good luck to them, I say. Hopefully, they can get their shoe in time for the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

As long as we're looking back, why just stop at our stuff?

Keeping Up With The Bushes

Are you an armchair political activist? Do you like complaining about the state of the government, but find it a lot of work to follow exactly who's violating your rights on a given day? If that is the case, be happy I'm around!

Courtesy of The Slate comes this handy, interactive chart named "Crimes and Misdemeanors". This Venn diagram represents several major government scandals and tells you which White House staffers were embroiled in which affairs. You'll quickly notice several politicos had a hand in multiple crimes. Major categories include: Wiretapping, Hiring at the Department of Justice, Firing at the Department of Justice, Coercive Interrogation and the CIA Taping Imbroglio.

For information on events and individuals, just place your mouse over the party in question. Circles will step forward and fade to give you a better idea of who's involved. Clicking on a particular name delivers information on the individual's (alleged) actions. One thing I can tell you by just glancing at it is that Alberto Gonzales didn't do a very good job of keeping himself clean.

Through the Ages: Barry Bonds

Who wants to see a slideshow? Everyone loves a slideshow! Time Magazine brings us "The Evolution of Barry Bonds - Rookie Year (1986) to Present", showcasing Bond's time as a professional baseball player. Stats like weight, batting average and home runs are provided throughout.

Marvel as a grown man hits a growth spurt halfway into his career! Gaze in awe as he gains over 40 pounds and enjoys a boost in home runs! Stare in horror as his head swells to 5 times its natural size! Time never actually comes out and says it, but the article is obviously a backhanded commentary on his alleged steroid use. Bonds may have broken the home run record, but anyone who thinks Barry will break away from the footnote of steroid accusations is kidding themselves.

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