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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Weapons

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-26 06:00:07


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This is one of the most popular weapons in the game, with good reason. It's powerful, accurate, and has good range. It fires a 3 round burst with each pull of the trigger, and has a 30 round clip. It's lethal if you line up a solid burst with Stopping Power. You'll want to aim carefully down the sights to take full advantage of this weapon.

The silencer is excellent for any stealthers comfortable with the iron sights. There's immense value in not giving away your position. The ACOG scope virtually turns the M16 into a sniper rifle, but makes it uncomfortable for the more common mid-range shootouts. I recommend the red dot sight to compliment this weapon's exceptional accuracy.

Stopping Power is a must. I recommend Extreme Conditioning for mobility, or Steady Aim for those close quarters duels.


This is my favorite weapon. I love running around with my gold-plated "Peoples' Rifle"; you too can earn it by completing all of the Assault Rifle challenges. It has exceptional power and is fully automatic with 30 round clips. This should be the weapon of choice for aggressive assault-oriented players, with an emphasis on mastering shooting it from the hip.

Set aside the red dot sight once you unlock the other attachments. The silencer is a good companion for this weapon, and its strong power even allows you to go fully dark with UAV Jammer if you desire. The AK-47 is a rare case where I strongly recommend the ACOG scope. You should be hip firing for the most part, and the ACOG gives you the range you need to hit distant targets. Keep in mind that it has significant recoil, and you'll need a steadying hand to ensure that the bullets are focusing in on the target.

Steady Aim is the key Perk here. Make sure to practice firing from the hip. Stopping Power on the AK tears opponents to shreds.

M4 Carbine (level 9)

I'm not a fan of this weapon. It's an all-around performer, but doesn't do anything exceptionally well, making it difficult to exploit for a particular play style. It is fully automatic (30 round clip) with low recoil, which does make it one of the easier guns to use.

Go with the silencer for the sneaky sneak or the red dot sight for accuracy. Stopping Power and Steady Aim are key performers here. You'll start noticing this pattern, as I am a stalwart proponent of these two Perks. One of my clanmates advocates Double Tap on the M4, but I dislike that Perk on the grounds that ammo is a precious commodity. However, it does share ammunition with the other American assault rifles, so I suppose this is less of a concern with this weapon. I also hate having to spray excessively to kill one target; you may not have enough rounds left in your clip to deal with successive enemies.

G3 (level 25)

The G3 is powerful, accurate, has good range, and low recoil. The only significant drawback is that it is semi-automatic, and thus somewhat of a liability in close quarters. The clip also only holds 20 rounds.

The silencer is decent here, but you'll want to avoid short range confrontations. The red dot sight would be a better choice, to maximize the G3's accuracy. As a side note, completing the head shot challenge with this weapon was a bitch. You may want to complete it in hardcore instead.

Stopping Power is once again a no-brainer. Extreme Conditioning is my choice for this weapon, although Steady Aim could help you win more of the close range confrontations.

G36C (level 37)

I treat this gun like a more powerful M4, which makes it a fairly effective weapon. It's also fully automatic with a 30 round clip.

Again, choose between the silencer or the red dot sight, depending on your range requirements and comfort with the iron sights. Go with Stopping Power plus Steady Aim for the win.

M14 (level 46)

I'm quite fond of this semi-automatic weapon (20 round clip). It's extremely powerful and accurate, and can kill with one shot if it's placed to the head. There's something immensely satisfying about killing an enemy without even giving him a chance to flinch. It has tremendous recoil, so you'll have to get into a rhythm in order to accurately lay down rapid fire. Give it a fraction of a second in between shots.

I strongly recommend the red dot sight to take advantage of that one-shot kill ability. This assumes you're using Stopping Power. Extreme Conditioning or Steady Aim are potential suitors again, and the M21's sheer power allowed me to successfully toy around with Deep Impact.

MP44 (level 52)

This is something of a joke weapon - a relic from the World War II Call of Duty games. It basically handles like an AK-47 (fully automatic, 30 round clip) with a slightly lower rate of fire and slightly higher recoil. You also can't put any attachments on it. There's no reason to mess around with this weapon unless you're looking to complete the headshot challenge for it.

Go with Stopping Power and Steady Aim and treat it like you would the AK-47. To hit targets at range, line up the iron sights and tap short two or three round bursts.


This is the best submachine gun, in my opinion. I adore this weapon. Take advantage of the mobility SMGs grant you to flank the enemy. Silencer, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim with the MP5 allows me to rack up ridiculous kill counts on maps with lots of tight corners. If you don't have bandolier, run with the Beretta M9, because it uses the same 9mm rounds as the MP5.


Mini-Uzi (level 12)

AK-74u (level 28)

I treat these submachine guns the same way I do the MP5, although I find them to be less effective due to one characteristic or another. The Skorpion in particular, with its abysmal range (especially with a silencer) and small clip size (20), is terrible. However, it does have minimal recoil, so albeit utterly stupid-looking, the ACOG scope functions satisfactorily with it. The other two weapons have larger clips (32 and 30 respectively). The Mini-Uzi is the unlockable golden weapon for this category, and also shares 9mm rounds with the Beretta M9.

P90 (level 40)

The P90 is notable for its significant clip size (50 rounds). This enables it to be a reasonable candidate for Double Tap, although I still strongly prefer Stopping Power. I consider it the best SMG after the MP5. If you can deal with the soft accuracy, the ACOG scope is an intriguing option with the P90. It gives the weapon assault rifle range while retaining SMG mobility. Note that it is the massive size of the clip that allows you to do this, by making up for low accuracy with high volume. Just remember, all other things being equal, it will lose a head-on duel at range with an accurate assault rifle. Use the mobility to get into flanking position.

M249 SAW

The SAW has a ridiculous rate of fire and not much punch. You'll definitely need Stopping Power on this weapon. If you can deal with the iron sights, I suggest using the grip to lay down an accurate laser-tight spray of fire. Steady Aim compliments this setup well.


I love this gun. It's accurate, powerful, has good range, is fully automatic, and the 100 round belt ensures that you rarely empty out in the middle of a firefight. Of course, like all the light machineguns, it takes forever to reload, and it's not the greatest in close quarters. You'll want to aim with the sights unless the target is right in front of you.

Definitely go with the grip. The iron sights are terrific, and the accuracy of the grip allows you to use the RPD like a hose. You can simply keep the trigger down and adjust your aim as you go. Stopping Power and Deep Impact finish off this beast of a weapon.

M60E4 (level 18)

This gun is something of a conundrum. It's got terrific punch, but a lousy rate of fire and crazy recoil. In addition, it also sports the worst iron sights in the game; this giant box obscures your vision.

I strongly recommend Double Tap to counter the sluggish rate of fire, but this makes the recoil even worse. The grip can prevent this, but that means dealing with the iron sights. At least they aren't nearly as bad with the grip; it's the combination of the massive sights and the recoil that makes the M60 a chore to use when you first start using it. You may want to stick with the red dot sight, and just manually adjust for the massive recoil. Finish it off with Steady Aim and treat it like a massive AK-47. The M60 is also the unlockable golden light machinegun.


This shotgun is a blast to use. It's a one shot kill at close range, which is always satisfying. You'll be primarily shooting from the hip, and you'll have to decide between Bandolier or the grip. If you have good aim, go with the Bandolier, as you'll want the ammunition.

Stopping Power is unnecessary with this powerful weapon, so you can choose between Juggernaut and UAV Jammer. I lean toward Juggernaut because the Jammer is only useful if the enemy has recon up. Sleight of Hand is even a viable option, if you find yourself with reloading issues. Once again, Steady Aim is awesome here.

M1014 (level 31)

I don't much care for this semi-automatic shotgun. It doesn't hit as hard as the W1200 and only holds 4 rounds. Its rapid fire nature probably necessitates the grip, and you'll need Stopping Power here. Finish it off with Steady Aim and hope you don't run into too many enemies at once. This is the golden shotgun.

Truth be told, I haven't sniped much, and I'm unqualified to speak as an authority on the sniper rifles. My clan sniper extraordinaire, Whirlwind offers the following assessments:

M40A3 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Of the sniper rifles, the M40A3 has the highest accuracy, third highest damage, and second least amount of recoil. This is generally dubbed "The Best Sniper Rifle In the Game", and the way it performs in the hands of an experienced marksman makes it highly destructive. The M40A3's accuracy makes it a solid choice for all snipers; leading shots is incredibly easy with this rifle from any distance. It is also one of the few sniper rifles where you can snapshot (scope in - breathe - and shoot with pinpoint accuracy). Most shots from the M40A3 are one hit kills if you nail the enemy in the chest, head, or hips; anywhere else will merely injure a target. Headshots are fairly easy to get with this rifle, and shooting from the hip is useless. Running with Stopping Power is a must for this rifle, and either Deep Impact or Iron Lungs for a second perk is recommended.

Pros: High accuracy, nearly every shot is a one hit kill
Cons: Possible for bullet not to go the distance

M21 (level 7) Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle

The M21 does the least amount of damage. Shots that are deemed "One-Hit-Kill" need to be around the collarbone or head; any other location will require a second shot. This rifle, even though it does low damage, is also known as the "Easy Headshot Rifle". Its accuracy is up there with the M40A3, and the recoil from firing scoped is nonexistent. In sniper duels and hardcore matches, this rifle is by far THE BEST. Stopping Power is a must with this rifle, and Deep Impact or Iron Lungs are recommended for the second perk.

Pros: High accuracy, low recoil, easy headshots
Cons: Low damage, chance for target to scurry away

Dragunov (level 22) Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle

The Dragunov is basically the same thing as the M21, except it has more shot power and recoil. This rifle is generally used in stealth kits, and shots taken from the upper torso and up are instant kills. Generally, Stopping Power or a UAV Jammer are recommended for the red perk. Iron Lungs is a must for this rifle; unfortunately, Deep Impact doesn't cut it.

Pros: High Damage
Cons: High recoil, chance for target to scurry away

R700 (level 34) Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

The R700 is a bolt-action rifle that is very close to being the M40A3's twin. However, the R700 sacrifices accuracy for tremendous damage that is a literal one-shot no matter where you hit your target. Although you cannot snapshot with this rifle, this rifle excels over the M40A3 in games that require you to steadily fire the distance.

Pros: High damage, decent recoil, able to make long shots
Cons: Hard to lead shots, targets need to be still in order to guarantee a kill.

Barrett .50cal (level 49) Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle

The Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle is by far the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. The sheer force of the bullet can penetrate most surfaces without Deep Impact; having Deep Impact would make it as if your target has no cover whatsoever. However, this rifle has poor accuracy, and really excels as a rifle to hold a straight lane (i.e. the hallway on the right side of B in Vacant). This rifle needs Stopping Power, and running with Deep Impact makes this thing incredible. Plus, this rifle is fairly powerful and accurate firing from the hip. It doubles in this capacity as the "Barrett Shotgun".

Pros: High damage, able to rip through material
Cons: Inaccurate


USP .45

M1911 .45 (level 15)

Desert Eagle (level 43)

Go with the USP for range or the Desert Eagle for sheer stopping power. You cannot place a silencer on the Deagle, so slap it on the USP if you must have a stealth sidearm. You receive a golden Deagle just for reaching level 55. Use the M9 only if you need extra 9mm ammunition for the appropriate SMGs as mentioned above.

Table of Contents

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