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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Perks

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-26 06:26:37


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C4 x 2

C4 is a bit tricky to use, because you generally have to detonate it yourself. It's possible to treat them like hard to throw grenades - there's no "satchel full of plastique in your vicinity" indicator, so you can catch people off guard with them, although you should expect to die while holding those bags of explosives. Otherwise, you have to plant it and camp the spot, hoping someone comes along. If you must do this, place it in a high traffic area, ideally on a car (which will increase the explosion).

They are, however, ideal for Domination. Place them on a point you control and go on your merry way. As soon as an enemy begins to capture that point, activate it and giggle.

In case you missed the little tooltip, you can trigger C4 by double-clicking your reload button, instead of having to take out the remote detonator.

Special Grenades x 3

There are more useful Perks for Slot 1, although it might get some use due to a lack of options when you first start out or Prestige. Once you have access to the others, the only time I'd use this is in a flag rushing kit. More on this later.

RPG-7 x 2

Only equip this if you feel like screwing around or want to complete a challenge. They are handy for taking down choppers, but there are other viable ways to accomplish that, and the Perk slot is too valuable to waste on these. Admittedly, it is pretty funny to RPG someone in the face, and humor value is never a waste.

Claymore x 2 (level 23)

These are terrific for clogging enemy movement through high traffic areas, or for watching your back if you're sniping. However, many people do not know how to place them properly. Those red laser lines are not tripwires, but rather the cone of the blast. Claymores are embossed with the instructions "Front Toward Enemy" and are detonated by sensors that detect the presence of an enemy.

This is poor placement. Not only can the enemy see the laser lines, but they'll be able to sprint right past the blast. In fact, if you are ever caught unawares by the click of an enemy claymore, your best chance is to hit your sprint button and power on through. Sometimes, you'll trigger one placed on stairs. Your only chance here is to hit the deck, hoping the bulk of the blast will pass overhead.

You want to place the claymore something like this. Your enemy will be unable to spot the explosive as he turns the corner, and he'll be directly in the cone of the blast.

Frag x 3 (level 41)

This is a pretty cheap Perk. I detest the no-skill "strategy" of spamming explosives. Grenades are meant to dislodge entrenched enemies, not for throwing about randomly in bulk. I'd only consider this Perk for small maps like Shipment; even then I prefer to elevate myself out of the situation with actual skill.

Bandolier (level 32)

This stash of extra ammunition is the only unlockable I actually missed every time I Prestiged. You know you've become a fairly good player when you're surviving long enough to consistently run out of ammunition. I put Bandolier on just about every Class kit.

Bomb Squad (level 14)

This is a cute, semi-useful Perk that points out enemy explosive devices. It's not bad at early levels, before unlocking Claymores or Bandolier, and it helps you complete the Backdraft challenge. Typically, I only consider this for Search and Destroy, where you don't need a lot of ammunition and where claymores are very popular.

Stopping Power

Fantastic Perk. Hitting your enemies harder is your best option in just about any loadout.


Juggernaut is merely an annoyance to people shooting at someone equipped with it. A skilled player with good aim should go with a greater capacity for dealing damage over this Perk that allows you to survive a little extra damage. If you're shooting a guy, and that little cross symbol pops up, it means that they have Juggernaut on.

Sleight of Hand (level 20)

This Perk (faster reloading) is fun to mess with, but your other Slot 2 options are more useful as a matter of pragmatism. It's better just to be smart about how you go about reloading.

Double Tap - (level 29)

You fire faster with this Perk thus potentially doing more damage, but it also increases your recoil and forces you to reload more often, leaving you vulnerable. I'd only consider this on a weapon with large ammunition capacities, like the light machineguns or the P90. The LMGs also sport optional grips, which can eliminate the recoil issue.

Overkill - (level 38)

This Perk allows you to carry two primary weapons, instead of a primary and a pistol. Overkill allows for many fun possibilities. Snipers can carry a backup weapon (or treat it as their primary with the added benefit of the ghillie suit: ghillie + shotgun = hilarious). If you're looking to complete the Ouch challenge, this is a way to carry around an extra M203 grenade launcher. Carrying around two LMGs with Bandolier would give you a ridiculous amount of ammunition to spray at will. Just keep in mind that giving up Stopping Power is a significant sacrifice for this entertainment.

UAV Jammer - (level 11)

I keep waffling on the true value of this Perk, because I love to sneak and flank. The problem with it is that it's only useful when an enemy UAV recon is active. Unless your team is getting annihilated (giving the enemy constant UAVs), you should go without and just play smart. On the other hand, it's awesome when they do have an active UAV. They'll assume you aren't there and move carelessly, running right into all sorts of ambush opportunities. Keep in mind that while you may be invisible to UAVs, you still show up on the enemy radar if you fire an unsilenced weapon. I'm surprised at how many players don't realize this.

Sonic Boom

Use this only for screwing around. This Perk increases the effect of all of your explosives, so it's best put to good use coupled with triple frags or n00b tubes (grenade launchers). It's also handy for hunting the C4, Claymore, and RPG challenges. You might as well tack on Martyrdom while you're at it.

Extreme Conditioning

This Perk allows you to sprint for longer distances, and is a solid choice, particularly for those players with the tactical inclination to exploit the boost to movement.

Steady Aim

Another great performer, Steady Aim allows you to more accurately hip fire. This is a major key to Call of Duty success. The common reaction is to line up a shot down the sights, but this seriously slows reaction time in close quarters situations. You want to fire from the hip and circle strafe, and you'll feel like you're in the Matrix (especially with submachine guns) while your opponent is struggling to track you.

Last Stand (level 8)

This allows you to fire off your pistol before dying. I think the Perks that reward you for getting shot are for newbs, but this one can be useful in hardcore modes, where even pistols are lethal in one or two rounds. Typically, you'll get finished off without being able to put this to use, but you never know when you can score an extra kill or two.

Martyrdom (level 17)

I fucking hate this Perk. It drops a live grenade whenever you die. More than any other factor, it's responsible for breaking up my kill streaks, interrupting my quest for constant air power. It's just cheap - you get free kills just for dying in the right place. If you kill a guy at close range, listen for the clink clink of newbness. If you hear it, sprint away. If you're right on top of it, throwing it away might be the better option.

Infinity Ward, if you ever read this, I have a simple fix: patch Martyrdom to require you to actually have a grenade. If a player has thrown all of their frags, they won't be able to Martyrdom. This wouldn't alleviate the frustration entirely, but would prevent the extreme abuse of explosives.

Deep Impact

I really like this Perk, which increases a weapon's ability to punch through cover, but it tends to require a lot of exploratory rounds to take advantage of it, so I restrict its use to light machineguns. It's also not a terrible idea for snipers.

Iron Lungs (level 26)

This allows snipers to hold their breath longer. It's an excellent choice for any sniper.

Dead Silence (level 44)

This is an underrated Perk that lets you move silently - particularly important when climbing ladders or traversing wooden floors. You can sprint undetected (aurally) onto enemy positions, instead of creeping there in crouched position. If combined with a silencer and UAV Jammer, you're a total ninja. Of course, like a ninja, you're very lightly armed, so you need to make the most of your stealth-driven initiative.

Eavesdrop (level 35)

This is almost totally worthless except for humor value. You can listen in on enemy chatter if they're close by. This is completely useless on the PC where people use Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, and almost as useless on the PS3 where few people talk. On Xbox Live, it's fun to slap on if the other team is having a humorous conversation, or if they have a lot of "mouth breathers". You'll know they're nearby by the Darth Vader noises.

Table of Contents

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