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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Controls

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-26 19:47:00

Controls and Movement

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First, I suggest you switch to the "Tactical" button layout. This swaps your melee and crouch/prone buttons. This allows you to smoothly crouch, dive, and get back up without ever having to relinquish your aim.

Sprinting is a new feature to Call of Duty 4 and you'll want to use it judiciously. While you're sprinting, your weapon is not at the ready, so don't sprint unless you have a reason to. In particular, do not blindly sprint around corners where enemies might be.

However, there are numerous legitimate reasons to run your ass off. You might be chasing an enemy. You might need to get to a critical part of the map before the moment is lost. Most commonly, you'll need to sprint from cover to cover, to pass the point of exposure to the enemy as quickly as possible.

You want to use the crouch function primarily to duck behind cover. Many, many players use crouching as a method of movement. This "creeping" is a poor decision; it just makes you slow and vulnerable - a literal "sitting duck". The only reason to do this is to move silently to sneak up on an enemy, and this is really only of concern when moving on loud wooden surfaces inside buildings. Some people will argue that they need to sneak up on a camper, but in most cases, it's still better to present yourself as a rapidly moving target as opposed to nudging along on your behind. Anyone who has extensively paintballed (or anyone with military training/combat experience) knows the value of initiative and properly assaulting.

Instead, you should move as quickly and as efficiently as you can from cover to cover, and use crouch/prone to maximize the protection that cover provides.

Checking Corners
Infinity Ward exhorts you to check your corners. It's good advice. This will drastically reduce your odds of being killed by a camper when advancing. Look into nooks and crannies where ambushers might be lurking. You don't want to get bogged down to a snail's pace (you've got targets to reach before opportunities are lost), so just take a quick peek. Smoothly pull your camera stick to steal a glance while continuing to strafe/sidestep in the direction of your destination, then spin your orientation back around if it's clear. If there is a camper, this will give you the initiative (generally a couple dozen milliseconds) while presenting yourself as a moving target.

In a pinch, you can take advantage of most players' negligence to check corners. If you know an enemy is approaching, crouch in a dark nook or behind cover, and eliminate them as they pass. You may be accused of camping, but just ignore it. Camping is when a player hides in a random position for a prolonged period in the hopes that a target will come into view. This is a far cry from ambushing and playing smart.

Gunsights/Hip firing
Use the gunsights for distant targets, but practice hip firing for close quarters combat (even midrange, depending on your weapon). As I mentioned in my breakdown of the Steady Aim perk, the common reaction is to line up a shot down the sights, but this seriously slows reaction time in close quarters situations. You want to fire from the hip and circle strafe, and you'll feel like you're in the Matrix (especially with submachine guns) while your opponent is struggling to track you.

Practice firing both ways, as your success will depend on your ability to decide which is more appropriate for your current situation, and your skill at aiming under both conditions. Also, fine tune the controller sensitivity to your optimal preference.

Also, I'll freely admit that there are times when I don't have strict confidence in my aim. While looking down the sights of a fully automatic weapon, if you feel that it'll take you too long to precisely zero in, just open up in the general area and jiggle your aim, sweeping left and right over your target. This is a shortcut to handling high powered, inaccurate, automatic weapons with high recoil.

It's vital to remain cognizant of the number of rounds remaining in your clip, and the number and proximity of enemy players. You're extremely vulnerable while reloading, so you may have to fall back to friendly-controlled turf to do so, especially with the light machineguns.

Do not hesitate to use your pistol if your primary is dry. It's always a better option than trying to reload in the middle of a firefight.

The Call of Duty 4 knife is a ferocious one-hit-kill beast, with fairly good range. You need to develop a sense of its effective lunge range, both ways. Never underestimate its deadliness; be wary of its use by the enemy, and know when to use it yourself. Just don't use it unnecessarily and get slash happy. In most games, it's the ultimate humiliation kill method, but because it's so effective in Call of Duty 4, it doesn't convey that same meaning.

Mother Fuckers
Do not, I repeat do not block doorways. It's bad enough if you don't know what you ought to be doing, but even worse if you're actively preventing a teammate from accomplishing what they ought to be doing. This often results in both of you getting mowed down, and I've seen this actually lose games.

If you must hang around, back off a bit, creating enough space to allow teammates to exit and enter. You don't need to be right smack in the doorway to see out of it. If you're creeping in because you think an enemy is holding the other side, knock it off. All you're doing is giving him a slow-moving easy kill. What you should do is toss in a flash or stun grenade and assault him. One more time, do not fucking block doorways.

Table of Contents

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