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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Game Types

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-26 22:20:53

Game Types

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Team Deathmatch
This is a 6 on 6 straight up kill contest. On the maps where your team can set up a hard Main Line of Resistance (more on that later), you can use the strategies laid out in the Domination guide. Otherwise, you'll have to keep moving forward, like how a shark needs to keep swimming, because your opponents will be spawning behind you. I generally do circular loops around the maps.

Mercenary Team Deathmatch
You can only join this lobby by yourself, and this ensures that you won't be running up against an organized clan if you're playing solo. Otherwise, it's identical to regular Team Deathmatch.

Just like what it sounds - 8 players all on their own, trying to score kills. I suggest a stealthy, highly mobile class. I run this with a silenced MP5, Bandolier, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim. You'll see plenty of targets on your map, firing unsilenced weapons. Mop them up.

There are three points to be held, and your team slowly gains points for each position it controls. Take two of them, defend them, and slaughter your opponents as they run toward you. This is the Dire clan game of choice, and the bulk of this guide will cover it in detail.

Ground War
This is the only option you have if your party is larger than six players. It alternates between Team Deathmatch and Domination.

There is a single bomb that you must plant on the enemy's target, while preventing them from doing that to yours. If your team plants the bomb, you must prevent the other from defusing it and vise versa. It's essentially like a game of football, where you attempt to take possession of the ball and push it into your opponents' side of the field.

If the game's time limit is reached, it goes into sudden death. Everyone's position is visible on the map and there are no respawns. This is a terrific time to unleash air power, and if you have an air strike or a helicopter in the closing minutes of the game, save it for overtime. If overtime comes to a close without either target being destroyed, or all players on one team being eliminated, the game is a draw.

This is a frantic game type where your team rushes to capture a position before your opponents can. If you succeed, your team members no longer respawn until the enemy captures it back. The longer your team holds the position, the more points your team earns. After a set number of maximum points (or until the enemy team seizes it), the target position is placed elsewhere on the map, and the violent race to seize it begins anew.

I hate Headquarters. You're not supposed to survive, so it's difficult to bring in air power. It's also fairly mindless. Considering the amount of dying and room clearing you'll be doing, this is the only mode where I actually recommend the Triple Frag perk. It's also difficult to make sniping useful here, because of the pressing need to continually assault or defend within proximity of the target position.

Search and Destroy
This is the bombing game mode straight from Counter-Strike. One team has a bomb that must be planted on one of two targets. Once planted, the aggressors must defend it and prevent the opposing team from defusing it. There are no respawns in this game type. Hardcore Search and Destroy players memorize where to throw grenades at the beginning of a round, to score easy kills off of rushing opponents. It'll take some time for you to figure out these preset grenade zones, and it's wise to hang back for awhile at the beginning of each round until you learn them.

Bandolier is unnecessary here, as you get restocked at the beginning of each round. Replace it with Claymores. Stealth options like silencers and UAV Jammer are also worthy of consideration. With fewer and fewer players left alive as the round progresses, sneakiness becomes even more important.

Team Tactical
This is for teams of three. It rotates between Team Deathmatch, Domination, Sabotage, Headquarters, and Search and Destroy. It's best to play with your buddies, because proper communication is even more vital with these small numbers.

Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Search and Destroy
Hardcore means that friendly fire is on, bullets do extra damage, and the HUD is drastically reduced. The radar is not available except when your team has a UAV active. This alters many of the suggestions I've been making: Stopping Power is no longer a necessity, silencers are less valuable, etc. Otherwise, the game types are identical to their normal counterparts.

Old School Free-for-all
This is a weird throwback mode, with no classes, weapons must be picked up, jumps are higher, and health is higher but it doesn't regenerate. I'll admit that I've never played it even once.

Cage Match
One on one combat.

This isn't an official game type, and you'll have to gather a large number of friends into a private match in order to enjoy it. One player joins the OpFor or Spetsnaz team as "the zombie". Everyone else joins the other team. If you are a zombie, you are only allowed to use your knife. If you are human, you are only allowed to use a pistol. If you get knifed by a zombie, you must then switch teams, and follow the appropriate rules.

It's a simple game, and yields some absolutely hilarious moments. When you're the last human alive, and you turn a corner only to see a horde of enemies sprinting zig-zaggedly toward you, your only recourse is to fire off your last few precious rounds and run screaming, "They're gonna eat me!" as they overwhelm and circle-jerk you. Play Zombie with no HUD for maximum paranoia.

And just because I have no other visual stimuli on this page, enjoy Yahtzee's and Iranian President Ahmadinejad's reviews of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Table of Contents

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