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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Ambush

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-31 19:09:29


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1 and 2 are mounted machinegun emplacements.
3 and 4 are two-story building that provide position for harassing fire.
5 and 6 are open rooftops that are prime positions for snipers.
The two parallel sets of lines are underground tunnels.
The MLR is where you want to set up your Main Line of Resistance.
A, B and C are, of course, the points which must be captured and held.

This map is quite simple. If you are the "superior" team (determined by your team's aggregate TrueSkill value) you will initially spawn near Alpha. Ignore it for now, select your "flag rushing" setup, and go take Bravo. Send your team sniper up to 5, and two flankers left and right of those underground tunnels. The other three need to jump on Bravo. Mop up the middle area, and push the enemy team onto their side of the road. Once this is secured, anyone spawning near the rear can go grab Alpha.

Promptly set up your MLR and lock this shizzle down. You should have five guns watching the three lanes that empty into the middle area. Your sixth is the team sniper, positioned at 5, who should call out the enemy advance (left, middle, or right, and number of foes). Call out assignments to make sure all three are covered, and keep communicating. If you die, let your teammates know so someone can rotate and cover your lane. If the enemy manages to break out, call it out immediately so your team can mop it up and re-establish the MLR. There's rarely a benefit to pushing past that MLR, so just hold it until you win.

There isn't much point to wasting manpower by placing someone in 3, unless Bravo and the middle ground are contested. The field of view from 3 is just too narrow to be useful.

4 can be a significant annoyance. Your sniper should make any enemies there a priority. Be aware that enemies can also jump down from 6, bypassing your choke points.

You can climb up onto the wall on the left side of the middle area, shown in this picture. Just run and jump to grab that corner of the wall that's in the crosshairs.

Then proceed on top of the cinder block edge, and jump up through the broken window on your right.

From the area up there, you have an elevated line of sight on 4, portions of the left and middle lanes, and an angle on 6. You're generally more useful right on the MLR, but particularly if enemies are abusing 4, sending one person to control this point can be beneficial.

In this and other map strategies, these defensive postures are a house of cards, so you must communicate and rotate should any fall. Each man is guarding his fellow soldier's flank, like a Spartan shield column. If one falls, so too will his teammate unless the vulnerability is quickly plugged. Be sure to communicate and rotate as necessary.

If you start the round spawning on the other side of the map, it indicates that the other team is more experienced, but not necessarily better. Apply the same strategy in the other direction; the map is essentially symmetrical, albeit slightly harder to control in the other direction.

Table of Contents

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