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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Backlot

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1 and 2 are mounted machinegun emplacements, both on the second floor.

Due to the numerous routes through this map, it's difficult to set up a hard and fast MLR. You want to take Charlie and Bravo, and keep your opponents on the Alpha side of that squiggly line. It is also possible to completely pin and bottle them in at Charlie, but this is much more difficult to accomplish and maintain.

Assuming your team is rated higher, you will spawn right next to Charlie. It should take you all of one second to capture it with your entire team right there. Send two guns east into the construction building. One of them is responsible for holding it (no small feat, what with the multiple entry points) and to cover the back of the other guy, who will run straight for that mounted gun (1) to cover the assault on Bravo. Once Bravo is secured, they are responsible for keeping the construction building clear, or failing that to keep them off of Charlie.

A third teammate should dash to the northwest corner. Using the end of the wall as cover, he should cover that long kill zone all the way to 2. I favor the RPD for this job, but any accurate, long range weapon will do. If this is your job, you can devastate enemies as they approach Bravo from the north, as they spawn, and even would-be machinegunners upstairs at 2. You are vulnerable from the top of the stairs at your 10 o'clock, but we'll be sending a teammate to cover that upper floor.

You're also the failsafe for covering Charlie. If the enemy begins to capture it (don't rely on the voice warning, keep an eye for the blinking C flag), turn around and hustle into the building. You have an excellent view of Charlie through the window facing south there.

The other three players need to take and hold Bravo. A sneaky method of capturing it is from the corrugated metal awning of the building just east of Bravo. Go prone on top of it; this is likely to confuse defenders who will not think to look up.

Once Bravo is captured, two of you should remain there to defend it. One should occupy that house with the metal awning, if only to keep the enemy out of it. The other can choose from several nooks at ground level around Bravo.

The third Bravo assaulter should proceed north into the second floor of the shelled out buildings at the far end. From there, he can confront any enemy that slipped upstairs past the long kill corridor (covering that teammate's flank, as previously mentioned), and also turn to face south to cover Bravo, or shoot at attackers invading the construction building, as necessary. Obviously, a long range weapon is required for this.

Once again, communication and timely rotation to plug holes is key.

Should your team start next to Alpha, send the same trio to secure Bravo, but have the other half of your team push through the construction area to Charlie. From there, enact the same strategy. This may take some time, so take Alpha and hang on to it only as long as necessary to avoid falling too far behind.

Table of Contents

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