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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Bloc

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-04-01 02:13:33


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Bloc is very simple. You must hold Bravo. The other two positions can be interchanged at will.

Grab Charlie (or Alpha) right by your spawn. Two teammates should break off and assault the west and east apartment buildings. Their primary objective is to keep them clear of enemy snipers. The other four should make a beeline for Bravo. Taking Bravo can be hairy, and you must control at least one of the apartment buildings, so flag cappers can use the statue as cover from the other side.

That's about it. Keep possession of Bravo, no matter what the cost, and hold whichever other position is most convenient. Obviously, there are numerous sniper fire lanes, and if you can cover them by keeping the opponents from entering the apartment buildings, you'll have an easy victory.

If they overrun one and reach your Alpha or Charlie, just push through the apartments on the other side, and seize the flag on the other side of the map.

In an ideal situation, you can pincer the enemy, and keep them bottled at either Alpha or Charlie, like so:

Just don't push too hard, or they'll start respawning outside the "bottled zone".

Table of Contents

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