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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Crash

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-04-01 03:30:13


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The higher ranked team will start at Charlie. Seize it, and fan out, taking Bravo from the east, and the north (through the 3-story building). These are the two points you want to keep for the duration. If you start at Alpha, you'll have to fight your way to Charlie, then apply the same strategy.

Once you have these two, the goal is to bottle the enemy in at Alpha. They have three avenues of breaking out, so each one must be blockaded.

The first is the alley. This is the hairiest, so your best full-auto-hip-firing-chokepoint-holder ought to be assigned to it. Dig in at the nook indicated on the map below. There are a couple of barrels in the back of it that provide minor protection from grenades thrown your way, and your fall back position is the side entrance to the alley. Do not allow enemies to pass that fall back point. Once they climb the ladder into the deli (the southeast building) or go around it, someone must abandon their post to hunt them down.

Be wary of the sniper that inevitably sets up shop at 2.

The second avenue is the area I've imaginatively dubbed "the middle". You should have a sniper on the roof of 1, dropping enemies trying to squirt out the middle, and also calling out enemy movements with their advantageous view (they can clearly see how many enemies head down the back alley). The middle also needs to be held by someone right on the scene. Use the low wall as cover and unload on anyone heading your way.

Note that enemies might squirt out the side door of the blue house to your right, and again, watch for that sniper at 2.

The final avenue that must be held is the blue house. I suggest two people for this job. You can hold it from the exterior, from inside at the top of the stairs, inside on ground floor...however you do it, keep the enemy from crossing through this house onto your turf. In fact, mix it up and take up a different position after every kill to keep the enemy guessing.

Table of Contents

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