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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Downpour

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-04-01 16:42:12


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1 and 2 are mounted machineguns.

The higher ranked team will start by Alpha, which is unfortunately the wrong side. The key defensive structure on this map is the north/south wall adjacent to the silos at the middle/south side. It extends halfway across the narrow width of Downpour, and you want to utilize it to defend Bravo and Charlie.

So equip your "flag rushing" kit and take Bravo. Ideally, you want to push from Bravo to Charlie along the southern approach and allow the enemy to make their way through the northern houses to Alpha. You want them to take it, so they begin spawning over there. Once you have Charlie, immediately turn around and make sure Bravo is safe. Clean up any stragglers on the west side of the map and set up the MLR depicted above.

Sometimes, the enemy will be uncooperative and remain entrenched at Charlie. You will have to manually remove them by overrunning their position. In this case, assault them from both the north and south and light them up with flanks and crossfires.

Alternatively, send a strong lone wolf through those northern houses right from the onset of the map. With any amount of fortune, he can capture, or at least pressure Charlie while Bravo is being captured. Then you complete the pincer movement and the enemy will begin spawning on the east side like you want them to.

In any case, take Bravo and Charlie and stuff them on the other side of the silo wall.

There are three key positions to hold. First, there is a crawl hole in the wall. You can set up right next to it and get easy kills as enemies attempt to crawl through. Incidentally, this is a terrific spot to earn head shots, and the shotgun is intensely amusing. Alternatively, you can set up further back, using the nearest silo as cover to actually look through the hole. Sidestep to find angles to shoot anyone stupid enough to get in your line of fire. You can eliminate enemies that are pretty far beyond the wall. As always when you have these options, mix it up so you don't become predictable to the enemy.

Next, someone needs to set up a fire lane parallel to the wall all the way north to the house. This requires an accurate long range weapon. Use the low wall as cover, and if an enemy manages to slip past into the house, this person needs to call that out.

Lastly, the house itself must be held. The most effective position is in the backyard outside of the house. Multiple windows offer fire opportunities, including the hallway a few yards south.

I also recommend one floater between the house and the warehouse in the middle to mop up anyone trying to squeeze past the MLR. The other two teammates can set up anywhere they like, as long as they're within range to quickly rotate to replace any fallen positions, or buddies who need to fall back to call an air strike or reload. There's a decent elevated position up a ladder on the silo side of the central warehouse.

Table of Contents

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