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Call of Duty 4 Guide - District

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Alpha and Charlie are the ones you want here. You'll hear people argue in favor of Alpha and Bravo, because "they're so close together", but functionally speaking, they take nearly as long to rotate between. Also, Bravo has poor defensive lanes. Charlie is a straight up choke point, like the Battle of Thermopylae (for those of you who don't read history, I'm sure you've seen 300), and if the central marketplace is being controlled, there's only one easily defended corner approach to Alpha. It's simply easier to seal off Alpha and Charlie.

You'll start at either Alpha or Charlie. Take it and go assault the other one. Once you have both, lock down those corridors as illustrated above.

Buddy up, and work in two-man teams. Two people should be sufficient to hold Alpha, unless the enemy sends a full scale assault. The most important line of fire to maintain is that one on the left, pointed at enemies encroaching from Bravo. Bust them up as they poke around the corner, and watch for sneakier opponents attempting to flank you by using the other side of the street. The other three fire lines I've indicated are only necessary if your team does not control the central marketplace. People here are continually tempted to head northwest and turn the corner to face Bravo, but this is unnecessary. Remember, if you hold two flags, they will come to you.

Next, send a couple of hip-firing maniacs to patrol the marketplace and keep it clear. This is a fun job. The market is the central hub that provides routes to anywhere in District, so controlling it is a priority. These two are also responsible for calling out the direction and number of any enemies that get past them, and also for rotating to assist Alpha or Charlie in the event of a large scale assault.

Finally, Charlie is right in the middle of a bottleneck. Assuming that the marketplace and Alpha are held, the enemy has only one suicidal approach. Holding it shouldn't provide too much difficulty. The windows by Charlie and the low wall by the other position I marked provide good cover, and that crossfire is lethal. If the other positions are not yet secured, you just have to also cover the eastern approach to Charlie.

Table of Contents

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