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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Showdown

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-04-01 23:44:38


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Those up arrows are staircases leading to the balcony overlooking the central courtyard.
The parallel lines are openings in the structure allowing passage from the exterior to the courtyard.

Showdown is essentially like Bloc. Bravo is absolutely mandatory, and Alpha and Charlie are interchangeable. Send four "flag kit" guys to capture Bravo, and have the other two get upstairs to keep the balcony clear of enemies, and to provide covering fire for the team below.

Once Bravo is secured, grab whichever flag you spawned near, and set up your blockade. It's essential to keep the upstairs clear; you need that elevated position to hang on to Bravo. Make sure to always keep an eye on it - retaking Bravo is often an exceedingly bloody undertaking.

Let's say you hold Bravo and Charlie. There are three primary ways for the enemy to approach you. Facing east, one way is through that hallway on your left (north). They can take shelter under the northern balcony, or make a dash up the northeast stairs. Prevent them by gunning them down as they step through the hallway.

The second route is through that big hallway directly in front of you (east). This is like shooting fish in a barrel. Free kills.

The third is up the southeast stairs toward your right. Your team must keep this under control; you have to retain control of the upper floor.

The enemy may use those southeast stairs to hop over the gate and head west. This will typically be a solo straggler attempting to work their way to Charlie. They shouldn't be much of a threat.

If they are, and they manage to capture Charlie in sufficient strength to fend off a counterattack, simply swing around and grab Alpha. Showdown is symmetrical and works in exactly the same fashion in the other direction.

Table of Contents

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