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Call of Duty 4 Guide - Wetwork

David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce) David Yun (Xbox Live Gamertag - Vawce): (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-04-02 02:39:25


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Wetwork is painfully simple. Put on your "running shoes" and go get Bravo before the enemy does. Once it's secured, anyone spawning in the rear can go grab Charlie (or Alpha, depending on your orientation).

Next, you set up your MLR and hold that narrow stretch. You want to set up two long range weapons (I wholeheartedly recommend the RPD) to lay down a crossfire just forward of Bravo.

That arrow in the left picture points to your teammate who is in symmetrical position to you. The two of you are protecting each other. You aren't killing the guys running at you; you're killing the guys running at your buddy, and vice versa. If you die, need to reload, or have to back off to call in an airstrike, communicate this so your teammate can adjust accordingly, and so another friendly can take your spot.

Two teammates should be further back, ready to take over those posts.

The final two teammates can set up anywhere they like. There are numerous sniping positions, and plenty of ways to muck around with climbing on top of the containers.

Thanks For Reading!
Well, that's it until new maps are released, and I've had enough time to assess and present them to you. If you'd like to run with us on Xbox Live, shoot me a friend request with "DIREMAN" in the subject line, and make sure you're familiar with the concepts in this guide.

Good hunting! (Unless you're facing us ;)

NEW - Map Pack Quick Breakdowns

BROADCAST - You'll start at Alpha if you're the higher ranked team, but you don't want it. Make Charlie your first priority. There are stairs toward the back of Charlie's roof that head straight down to Bravo. Control Bravo from the bottom of those stairs, which will also protect the backs of Charlie defenders. Aside from that, feel free to freelance and make use of the various ambush points, as long as you remain within gunshot of holding the rooftop approach to Charlie or the hallway intersection near Bravo leading up to Charlie.

CHINATOWN - There are simply too many routes through this map to solidly lock it down. In addition to the avenues at street level, multiple routes through building interiors and upstairs windows allow combatants to squirt through any line of resistance. Treat Chinatown in principle as you would Bloc or Countdown by prioritizing Bravo as necessary, and cycling between the other two by revolving around the map.

CREEK - With its massive sight lines, this is the one map where a good sniper (one that understands movement and kill zones, in addition to drop dead aim) can leverage a tremendous advantage to his team. It's non-symmetrical and favors holding Alpha and Bravo, with the ridge line as the absolute MLR you must maintain. This elevated position confers the superior position. Hold the tunnel as a choke point, and hold Bravo from the cover around it. This is unfortunately a dangerous job, but must be maintained to lay the necessary crossfire (along with fire from the ridge) to impede enemy movement.

Table of Contents

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